The End of the Trail

Rated 4.50/5 based on 6 reviews
A barren land of salt and snow; a castle where underground paths twist and turn in endless circles and a reclusive king has not shown his face in years; a forest where few things are what they seem. An unnamed hero must navigate through these places as he takes on the task of tracking down a supposed witch, in a story that blends dream and reality, rumor and truth, danger and hope. More
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About Louis Rakovich

Louis Rakovich writes sometimes-fantastical literary fiction. His short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Bartleby Snopes, The Fiction Desk, Criminal Element, Spark: A Creative Anthology, Bad Dream Entertainment, Phobos Magazine and other places. He grew up in Jerusalem, Israel, and currently lives in NYC, where he's working on his first novel – a psychological thriller with theological undertones.

He's inspired by authors such as Truman Capote, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Edgar Poe, and filmmakers such as David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsky. In his free time he enjoys cinema, curious objects and strange places.

You can find more fiction by him at, or follow him on Twitter at @LouisRakovich.

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Robb Dunn reviewed on July 30, 2015

An Enthusiastic read.

Rakovich paints a vivid landscape and populates it with interesting characters. While cinematic in detail, I hunger for a deeper understanding of the players within. Still, this story is worth the time; the prose confident and compelling.

You won't be disappointed, but if you're like me, you'll yearn for more.
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)
Jeff Suwak reviewed on July 25, 2015

The beginning caught me immediately. It's a beautiful passage, reaching for a poetry in a way that is uncommon in genre writing, and in a way which I appreciate.

The ending was slick. I was confident I guessed the twist pretty early in the story, but then it twisted on the twist! So, that was a pleasant surprise. I felt like that twist could have been worked a bit more, given a little time to breathe, but it was still good.

The salt world evokes some interesting imagery that suits the book's cover image well. I think the biggest thing I would have liked to have seen was more in-depth exploration of the main character's personality and emotion. I don't feel like I got to know him as well as I would have liked.

Not really related to the story itself, but I love the cover image.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Sue Seabury reviewed on July 20, 2015

This dark fairytale is a fast, satisfying read. The vivid details pulled me into a strange land of salt, ice and lies, and the masterful storytelling held me captive until the end.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
R.L. Black reviewed on July 20, 2015

Oh my goodness, this was a story I won't soon forget! Lots of grim imagery and an engaging story that will keep you hooked till the end. I love the dark mood the author has created, an intense mix of horror and fantasy. If you like your fantasy dark, you won't be disappointed in The End of the Trail. Keep your eyes on Louis Rakovich; I have a feeling we will be seeing much more from this author, and I'm looking forward to it.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
jjrattus reviewed on July 19, 2015

This quirky tale is based in a unique world that drew me in from the beginning. It is a tale of love and magic, curses and redemption. The author beautifully blends fantasy and horror in this twist on the traditional quest. I recommend this to those who like their fantasy dark and their heroes not quite all they seem.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
J Johanis reviewed on July 15, 2015
(no rating)
Very dark. The author paints a vivid landscape of a freezing cold world wrought with death. When the main character is brought before the queen, she gives him a special mission in exchange for a comfortable life at the castle. The king is sick, and the only way to cure him of his illness is to find the witch who cursed him. When he sets out on his mission, he thinks he has succeeded, but there appears to be magic at play. It seems he is dreaming, but I wonder if he's been bewitched. I really loved the darkness in this tale and I would love to read a continuation.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Inge Moore reviewed on July 15, 2015

Highly imaginative, The End of The Trail is also a quick, satisfying read. The author deftly combines mystery, fantasy, horror and a touch of romance in this strange tale of a hero from another land. I was quickly drawn into the strange world the author builds, and the original writing and compelling plot kept me turning the pages. Dark, quirky, and entertaining.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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