The Slim Switch: An Overview And All Procedures

The Slim Switch: Overview & All Procedures

The Slim Switch Weight Control Program is a system which can turn you into one of those lucky people who stay naturally, healthily slim - despite the fact that they take no extra exercise and certainly don’t starve themselves on diets.

Choose what you want to weigh right now and arrive there without starvation, willpower or effort. More
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About Robert Winner

How Did I Learn About Healing?

For more than 25 years I worked on my own life problems, driven by the need to stop hurting. Life was not working out like I wanted it to in a whole range of ways from struggling with my weight, to relationships, to making and keeping money. And PTSD caused by service in the military began to take its toll as it often does ten or fifteen years after the event.

I suppose it is in my nature to try to fix problems so, not realising how difficult it was going to be, I read all the self help books and went on all the courses. Positive thinking, Meditation, Transactional Analysis, Psycho Cybernetics, NLP, Time-Line, Reiki, Havening, EFT and much, much more. If you have come across a self help system in the last 30 years then I have probably studied it too. Do you remember Primal Scream?

In the process I learned a lot but no one person or system seemed to fix everything. Why would it? Still, I kept going, because I wanted to stop hurting, and I developed some new techniques myself. Eventually I cured my PTSD and went on to help other guys, and a few girls, who were suffering the same.

But I didn’t just learn how to fix PTSD, indeed, I didn’t just learn how to sort out my life, I learnt something about how all our minds work.

What Do We All Have In Common?

I learned that we are all programmed as children by our child-like assessment of our experiences; and that this programming controls our lives when we are adults as if we are puppets. It controls how we feel from day to day, how we interact with other people, what job we do, how much money we have, who we marry, what we weigh and much more.

For almost everyone at least some of the programming “goes in wrong” because our child-mind gets the wrong idea from our childhood experiences. And, of course, some of our experiences are just plain bad and lead us to trap pain inside our minds. For some people the result of their programming error is just some little thing, like a dislike of red curtains, while for others the outcome is much more unpleasant: Physical illness (Almost all caused by the mind!), poverty, relationship problems, anger issues, depression, obesity, anorexia, you name it.

Whatever the degree of problem, we all end up having our lives guided to some degree by trapped pain and faulty programming. Which takes our lives in a direction other than that which we would choose. Does your life work out exactly how you want it to in every area?

Why otherwise would people do such crazy things to each other?

Like hurting the people they love or messing up a promising career or driving their car too fast and having an accident. Or smoking, drinking or eating themselves to death.

More to the point here, because food is so basic to our lives, most of us take on board some strange ideas about eating and weight control in our childhood.

Which brings us to the core of the Slim Switch concept:

We Eat For Comfort And We Eat On Automatic Pilot

Your trapped emotional pain, and your miss-learned lessons about eating and weight, are where all your food cravings come from: These are the real reasons why your weight is other than what you want it to be and why you can’t eat sensibly or stick to a diet for long.

I have covered all this in more depth in The Slim Switch: An Overview % All Procedures but, amongst many other unconscious motives, we eat to distract ourselves from our emotional pain, we eat to get big and feel “safe”, and we eat to please other people. And this is what drives us to eat too much, to drop off that diet and to crave that packet of cookies. In any contest or disagreement between will-power and the unconscious mind the unconscious mind always wins in the end. Because it never gives up.


Lose Weight Quick And Easy: No Diet, No Exercise. Just Watch This Video
Merely watching this one video all the way through, and making the pictures in your head as you go, will stop you craving any one food-type you choose. You can do it again for another food ;-) Pick one food-type, say chocolate or cookies, and do the video on it. You will find your craving disappears and no longer will you be driven to eat that food.


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