The Darkfern Lexicon Book 2 - Sanctorium

The second installment of Harmony Ryder's adventure finds her facing a difficult choice; accept fate's plan and become The Ryder, or follow her own path into Darkfern in search of a way home...
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About Benjamin Feral

Once upon a time Benjamin Feral was minding his own business, sketching out designs for a new sculpture, when his mind inadvertently happened upon a story.
At first he tried to ignore the film playing in his imagination; understandably-mistaking the vivid pictures for a flight of fancy. How wrong he was... Benjamin's nights became sleepless as his dreams were overrun with characters and their adventures. Despite the incoming-tide of ideas he went about his daily-grind and brushed-off the dreams as nonsense.

Unimpressed with this dismissal The Imaginings spilled into his waking life. Daydreams overwhelmed him at every turn. The story demanded to be heard...

Eventually Benjamin decided something must be done to alleviate his rascally-thoughts. He tried to tell the tale with the creativity at his disposal; namely drawing, painting and sculpting. Alas his efforts were fruitless. It seemed no amount of clay, pencils or pigment could capture the world he envisioned.
It was then, amidst the gloom of frustration, that he considered another possibility. What if he painted with words? He discredited the notion almost immediately. He had no idea how to construct a story. His grasp of grammar was rudimentary at best (and that's being generous).

His options dwindled as the daydreams intensified. At last he put pen to paper...

Unsurprisingly the first draft of his story was little more than a poorly-worded pamphlet. Not satisfied with this creation he spent the following years working in a coffee shop by day and teaching himself to write at night. Years passed and many versions of the story were penned as he learned to overcome his dyslexia. Though the iterations were numerous each improved upon the last and in the process of writing he fell in love with the words he once feared.

Now his story is ready to be heard. The world of Darkfern is a living, breathing place. The land Benjamin has created is filled with imaginative and believable characters; all of who want their lives to be told. Now is the time for Benjamin Feral to come out of the woodwork and share his story with you.

The Webway has opened dare you step through?

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