Broken Gate

The cancer of evil drug lords and cartels ruling Northern Mexico must be removed. Internal Vigilantes form groups to fight them. A new Pancho Villa emerges. They quickly get support from sympathetic US citizens, many who are wounded warriors. A real war begins. Can they overthrow the evil regime? If so, what next? A new country to rule between Mexico and the US? A very intriguing concept. More

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About Edward Charles

Hi, we’re Ed and Anne Charles and are pleased to have you read about us. A little history: Anne actually found me through Facebook in 2010. She was my childhood sweetheart in the eighth grade. We lived in a small town in upstate New York. Her mom took her to California when she was fourteen and made us sever our relationship. I didn’t see Anne again until she became of age and returned to New York to reconnect with her paternal father. We got together back then and again fell deeply in love. Alas, it wasn’t to be, as she had to return to California after the summer and I had to trot off to college in Texas. More than forty years later we re-united and realized our love hadn’t died, it had just become dormant and hidden. Five months later we eloped and have never been happier together. Springing forth from this love has come our five mystery-suspense novels. Today we live in Cochise County, Arizona, close to the famous town of Tombstone.

Our latest novel, Points to Murder came from our past. Both Anne and I had been married and raised children with different spouses. One of those six children, who shall remain anonymous, contracted acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or ALL in his forties. Luckily, today he’s a survivor and we are very proud of his bravery and recovery from this horrible form of cancer. He entered the recovery program with eight other leukemia sufferers and today he is the only survivor. He has been cancer free for almost eight years. In the telling of Matt Wheeler’s leukemia story and history of recovery in our novel, Points to Murder, we were re-telling actual events that took place as told to us by our son. Leukemia is a cruel and deadly cancer of the blood, where normal white blood cells reproduce out of control and start invading the entire body. If left unchecked, death is a certainty. Its course of recovery is truly ugly and lengthy. Even many years after remission, the threat of infection remains possible. Hospital visits are common as the smallest bacterial infection has the potential of being fatal. Additionally, his vision and strength are nowhere near what they were before he contracted ALL. Most physicians think that his recovery is, in part due to the close donor match, which was greater than ninety percent.
As writers of fiction we found it interesting that, in the case of leukemia, whether stem cell or bone marrow treatment, over time the blood type and DNA of the leukemia patient actually become that of the donor. Today, our son’s blood and DNA are completely different from when he contracted the disease.

Actually, that’s how this mystery began. One night Anne asked me, “If the leukemia patient’s blood actually becomes that of his donor, what would happen if the donor committed a murder. Could he pin it on the recipient, since their DNA and blood type are identical?” Well, the cat is out of the bag. That’s how Points to Murder started, by begging that question.

Both Anne and I thank you for reading our latest endeavor, and in case you don’t know about earlier adventures of Mike and Andy, we’ve included a synopsis of our past four novels. The first three novels, The Imperial Connection, Well Bred Connections and Hidden Connections are a trilogy. Each novel stands alone in its own right so you can read them out of order if you so desire. However, if you are into interesting characters and like to watch them grow and develop, you’ll enjoy starting with the first mystery, The Imperial Connection. The fourth suspense novel is Broken Gate. While there are some same characters from the other novels, there is no correlation to the subject matter of the three prior novels.
Feel free to email us at if you have any other questions. We always return our emails, so feel free to contact us. You can also visit us at or on Facebook at Edward & Anne Charles.

Mike and Andy Novels
Mystery and Suspense at its best

As mentioned above, Anne and I thank you for reading our latest suspense thriller, Points to Murder. Below, we’ve included a synopsis of our past four novels. The first three novels, The Imperial Connection, Well Bred Connections and Hidden Connections are a trilogy. If you decide to read them out of order, it’s fine, as each novel stands alone in its own right. However, if you are into character development and like to watch them grow, you’ll enjoy starting with the first mystery, The Imperial Connection, where Mike meets Andy and they fall in love. The fourth suspense novel is Broken Gate, and once and for all ends the border problem between Mexico and the United States. While there are some similar characters in Broken Gate, there is no correlation to the three prior novels. All novels do take place in the desert southwest, both north and south of the borders of California, Arizona and Texas.

The Imperial Connection

The Imperial Connection opens with Mike Foley living alone in the Chicago area. Mike is recently retired from the Air Force as an Intelligence Officer. He grew up in Chicago and has returned to his roots to look over his dad, Shawn, a detective with the Chicago Police Department. Mike’s mom was recently deceased and Dad has been taking it hard.
Years earlier, while in combat in Desert Storm a member of his team, Sergeant Leonardo Ricci took a bullet in the head saving Mike’s life. The wound forced Sgt. Ricci to return to civilian life with a medical discharge and Ricci was never the same afterward. Soon after returning to his parent’s home, he disappeared. Over the years Mike kept in touch with Ricci’s parents, but no word was heard about his whereabouts. Everyone thought he was dead. One evening Mike read an obscure article about the homeless in southern California. The photo in the article suddenly reminded him of Sgt. Ricci. Could Sgt. Ricci be living as a homeless person in the small desert town of Imperial, California? Owing his life to Ricci, Mike leaves Chicago to search for his old friend and hopefully repay a debt by returning him to his parents.
He arrives in the small, dusty farming town of Imperial, California and runs into Andy Holmes, a local shopkeeper and altruist. Andy spends several hours a week helping the homeless. After a rocky introduction between Mike and Andy, she agrees to take Mike to see Homeless Rick, who is living in an abandoned shack outside of Imperial. Mike, convinced it’s Ricci, makes arrangements to return him to his parents. The next day Rick is found drowned in one of the many agricultural water canals in Imperial County. Mike and Andy start nosing around to find out how this could have happened to Ricci. They quickly find themselves thrown into a maelstrom of dangerous international thieves. Somehow, the Chinese Mafia is involved in a smuggling operation from Mexicali, Mexico into Calexico, California. They will stop at nothing to make sure their operation remains hidden. Unfortunately for Homeless Rick, he became unknowingly involved in the operation and as a result was murdered. The Chinese Mafia, along with unsavory people in the U.S. do their best to prevent anyone from uncovering their export scheme, including Mike and Andy. When Mike and Andy start nosing around, their lives become endangered. As they begin to unveil the smuggling scheme, they are chased from Imperial to Los Angeles and back. Through fighting, hiding and evading the Chinese Mafia and US underworld, they come inches from death. As the plot develops and their lives are thrown further into danger, the love between them blossoms into a wild love affair and Mike and Andy have a breathtaking romance at the same time.

Well Bred Connections

When honeymooners Mike and Andy, learn of a rash of child abductions, they are swept into one of the desert’s darkest secrets. As the couple tour the southwest in their new motor home, Andy discovers an old poster of a missing teen named Jessica. Mesmerized by the poster, Andy tucks it away for future reference. Soon after returning home, nightmares about the girl begin and intensify. Certain that Jessica is still alive, Andy convinces Mike to use his Air Force covert-ops skills to do a little research. When they uncover a sudden increase in missing children cases at a chain of campgrounds, it becomes apparent that these are more than isolated incidents. A few months later they find Jessica wandering the streets of Imperial, dazed, confused, and obviously traumatized. Andy and Mike bring her home. As she recovers, Jessica reveals the story of her abduction, ensuing captivity, and ultimate escape. Her account leads Mike and Andy down a twisting desert road toward the darkest of destinations.

Hidden Connections

Who and what is really being smuggled into the US from Mexico? Are jihadists and suicide bombers among the gardeners, dish washers, and day laborers Americans hire to do their menial jobs? Our heroes, Mike and Andy on a trip to Arizona discover wide open, unsecure areas of the border that are allowing half a million aliens to sneak into the US each year. They are appalled. Upon returning home they creatively invent a foolproof device that deters aliens from sneaking across. They return to Arizona and develop a volunteer group called the Guardians. The Guardians rely on help from Wounded Warriors to watch over these desolate rural areas. Once this new ‘weapon’ designed by Mike and Andy is employed, the Guardians are able to report every smuggler to the border patrol. Soon, the entire Arizona border is made secure.
But no one thought about the question – What would happen when the drug lords, smugglers and who knows else are prevented from sneaking into the US? Once the border is secured, ugly politics emerge between the US and Arizona concerning states rights. The president is trapped between national and international politics, while Mike and Andy’s lives are thrust into peril. Will their courageous efforts save the US from an attack worse than 9-11?

Broken Gate

What if the only way to solve the Mexican – US border problem is to take the responsibility out of the hands of both the US and Mexico? This intriguing mystery/adventure novel does just that.
The cancer of evil drug lords and cartels ruling Northern Mexico must be removed. After years of oppression, an internal Mexican vigilante group forms to fight against these evils. Their leader, an X-CIA operative quickly becomes lauded as the new Pancho Villa. He solicits the help of concerned US citizens and soon a militia of retired war heroes from past conflicts is formed, many who are wounded warriors. These dedicated people are convinced that this cancer of evil must be cut out and replaced with something new. Sympathetic US citizens privately become involved. They come to the conclusion that with the right funding, arms and intellect, they can assist the vigilantes and rid northern Mexico of the evil forces.
When this is accomplished a new country is formed south of the US border and north of the Tropic of Cancer. Read Broken Gate to discover how this new nation is formed.

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