Running Technique

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A practical guide for distance runners to learn and train for the fundamentals of good running technique. Recognize problems with running form that cause injury, or frustrate achievement of your goals. A complete framework of coordination training, mental cues and a training philosophy to improve running technique. Foreword by Philo Saunders PhD, Senior Physiologist, Australian Institute of Sport. More
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About Brian Martin

Brian Martin is an independent writer and researcher. He is an athletics coach, fitness instructor and running tragic. Brian has worked as a business analyst, playwright and within the University sector as an online learning specialist.

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Observations on good running technique
Author and coach Brian Martin gives a couple of quick tips on how to use your butt during running.

Good running technique in action
Observations on Olympian Victoria Mitchell as she demonstrates good form during easy running.

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Reviews of Running Technique by Brian Martin

bbmir reviewed on Sep. 1, 2015

The positives about this book are...well essentially that it was greatly needed! I like the explanation and I could immedistely pinpoint problems in my running form.
However I'm not giving it a full 5 stars because the strength training part does show some ignorance in the field. First off this book is set exclusively for runners and as runners I mean people who only run, without doing any other sport. As a bodybuilder meaning to correct my running I see that advising people to not train certain muscles is a nonsense, learn to use the right muscles instead but NOT training something is a bad idea. As for the "bodybuilders don't do cardio", that's a piece of broscience that could be left out, bodybuilders do cardio, plenty of it...just you probably don't see them running on the track because weight is usually considered a problem when bounching in and out of your joints. I guess he needs to take a step back and look into the whole picture, there is not in the body a muscle that does not need being trained. The Rectus femuri is going to impair the hamstring? Then work the hamstring more/better, there is no reason to not work the rectus femus, since it's going to take in plenty of shock and bouncing from running. Nonsense.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Barry Grumbine reviewed on April 4, 2014

About five years ago I started having knee problems. Pain, swelling, loss or range of motion... I did the normal things Rest Ice Compression Elevation, basically just taking it easy. It got a little better, but not enough to go up stairs two at a time. Saw a doctor who basically told me it was not bad enough to do anything and to go away until it needs surgery.

The main problem was my poor physical condition. After 2-3 years of struggle, I came across this book. Brian makes some very compelling arguments for his running techniques and training insights.

Honestly, the writing could use a fair bit of polish, and I did not finish the book (the training exercises part), but I want to sincerely thank Brian and Smashwords for the inspiration to get me back out on the road after not running for nearly 20 years. I have since completed several local 5K races with times good enough to place in my age group. This book was just what I needed to get me moving.
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
Alan Thwaits reviewed on Oct. 6, 2013

I have a lot of books about running in my library, but none of them has produced such immediate improvements in my running form and performance as this one. It checks every box that I can think of - solidly-researched, clearly-presented, and applicable to every level of runner. The bonus images, diagrams, and videos that come with purchase of the ebook are a huge help. I'm recommending this book to every runner I now. My thanks to Brian Martin for this excellent addition to the science of running.
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)
sue stevenson reviewed on Nov. 30, 2012
(no rating)
I'm a recreational runner and whenever I started to increase my training load I seemed to get injured. After reading a few chapters of this book, I can see it is all due to poor technique and lack of strength in the glutes and hamstrings.

It is a very informative and easy to read format. I can't wait to start using some of the techniques, which I feel certain will help with the injuries.

Excellent value for the money!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Paul Brondal reviewed on Sep. 18, 2012

I have been running in a quite structured way for 11 years but have had problems with injuries for quite some time, especially when the mileage tends to get high, approx. 60 miles.

My running technique has always been bad being a heel striker. Therefore, I have the last couple of years tried to have a more midfoot strike but still with some problems.

I really like Brian's book because it focuses on my big weakness which is really explained in the book; bad use of the butt and hamstring during runs. Being more focused on this and doing some of the suggested exercises will beyond any doubt help.

It is also really excellent that besides having the e-book, you get loads of extra information on the website. Fantastic value for the money!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Sharla Hall reviewed on July 3, 2012

An excellent resource. I've been trying to understand why as a petite woman I've got cartilage damage and how I can prevent any further damage. I've bought running technique DVDs four times the price of this book only to find they explain what it is with very little information about how to get there. I've paid way too much for a gym membership where they supposedly provide specific training for running technique only to find the trainer is LAZY. After bringing on old injury back in full force by prescribing plyometrics with no instruction I was told there is nothing that can be done for running technique without plyometircs. This book with it's strength training and preparation phases has been my saviour and given me new hope. The cheapest and BEST resource I've come across after years of frustration searching elsewhere. Thank You!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Andrew M reviewed on Feb. 11, 2012

Running Technique was the book I was looking for, I'm only a casual running, but was always getting knee injuries. The running technique book has allowed me to understand what muscles are involved in running and removed a lot of problems I had with my stride. I no longer have knee injuries when I run now that I know what to look for and what I should be doing. Which was really all I really wanted - to run without injury. I can also see that as time goes on I'll be able to get fast and remain injury free which will be brilliant. Thanks Brian.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Nick Stanko reviewed on Dec. 24, 2011

Running Technique is a priceless work that helps to describe a part of the running/training puzzle that few books tend to leave out. Achieving one's full potential as a distance runner cannot be achieved through just logging the miles. There are a plethora a factors that must be included in a well balanced training program. Running Technique covers the specific supplemental (weights/core) and biomechanics part that will take your running to a new level. Also after this read... you will enjoy your running more because you will be more engaged in it.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Anthony Lee reviewed on Nov. 8, 2011

A very good read. The only disappointing part was that I did not read this information about 8 years ago when I started running a bit more seriously.
Whilst not being a top level runner, I have been able to achieve a level of competency through sheer hard work and logging plenty of kms. This has been achieved however purely by reaching a level of fitness from a cardio point of view, but with no view of the technical component of running. I have had my fair share of injuries and also frustrations about not making performance gains despite putting in the work.
Brian’s book is a great insight into what makes a great runner tick, and identifies the gaps between them and the rest of us. The best part of it though is the practical insight into how you can make improvements to your own running performance and enjoyment via better speed and less injuries. It really is a book for all abilities.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
seda reviewed on Nov. 3, 2011

One of the best running book that I've ever read! I think that it explains the mechanics of running very well that you finally understand the right/wrong things that you do while running. You begin to see that a good technique is not only about being a forefoot or heel striker but much more than that. After reading the book, just in a few days I started to feel the difference in the way that I run and the most important thing is that finally I was able to identify my problems and had the answers about how to correct them. I wasn't injured at the time that I started to read it but considering the injuries that I had in the past I was aware that there were things that I needed to correct with my technique. Despite reading many books about running (including the bestsellers), for me, there were still some missing and unclear parts in the running mechanics chain and none of the books ever described them as well as this book. Now I know that I'm on the right way to be able to run injury free and enjoy my runnings more than ever.

I think that for those who are injured this book is a MUST read. Also for beginners, if you will invest your time for some reading about running to make a good start, this should be the book to read first (and probably you won't need to read another one). I think that even you have no injury and happy with your performance you may still find the book very useful and enjoyable since it's very informative about the running technique and easy to read. The strength and coordination exercises are very well described as well with the key points that you should pay attention to perform them correctly.

I think that this book definitely deserves to be a bestseller running book.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
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