LSD Hits The Books #1: Fifty Shades Of Grey

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This is a book review series we here at LSD Magazine have just started, our first book is 50 Shades of Grey. Enjoy. More
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Hi there, Mikey Lee Ray here. I've been passionate about my writing since I started working on my first novel 'Pandora's Market' (published under the name Matthew Schafer in 2006). Since then I've published two full length e-books on Smashwords the first being 'Confessions of a Gaming Attendant' a diary / fiction piece where the protagonist works in the gambling industry and 'How to Lose Money and Irritate People.' While the second e-book had a similar story line it was more comedy based and descends often into fantasy and farce whereas 'COAGA' is more serious.

I began writing LSD at the end of 2012 and am now in the process of editing and re-working the first issues so that we can re-release them and then continuing on with new ones once this is done. I hope that you will take a look at some of these stories as I pride myself on my unique writing style, perspective and life experience. I look forward to hearing your feedback if you have read something I've written. - Sincerely, Mikey

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Angela Kaysen reviewed on on Dec. 26, 2017
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PSS: Also, I think it was in DARKER that Christian finally confesses his love for Ana and it took many pages to get to that part! I was waiting with baited breath to finally hear him say those four magic words...WOW! I actually read the last two pages of whatever Chapter it was over and over again because this is the stuff dreams are made of...!
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Angela Kaysen reviewed on on Dec. 26, 2017

Mikey, I found your review (s) of Fifty Shades of Grey quite interesting and at times, hilarious to read - stating the very obvious flaws in this piece of saying this, however, I will add that I have read ALL of these books and DARKER twice no less and...GREY (which I will admit is a complete waste of space). You may ask, WHY?

Firstly, I am a woman and am well read. I have studied Literature and have many favourites in my collection of "Classics" including 'Animal Farm' and Thomas Hardy being a particular favourite and Anastasia 'Ana' also enjoys his work I might add being a Literature student herself!!

The thing is, the story of Anastasia and Christian or her "Fifty" as she often refers to him as, is a work of fiction and fantasy. It's back cover reads, "Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, this is a novel that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever". I believe this to be true...your reviews of EL James and her Fifty Shades of Grey is testament as to how much this novel has incited a riot within you and you write with great depth and passion about it to the point that the reader (s) of your review may not even have to read the 'Novel' at all to understand it's context, let alone it's lack of plot, character building and so forth.

This novel is pure pulp fiction and that is its intention. I do not believe it was written to be a great masterpiece of literary claim at all. Infact, quite the opposite. The World of Ana and Christian is a fantasy world that one can easily fall into and fantasise about. It works very well on this level and that is why it sold millions of copies because for many, particularly for women, it is a truly magnificent "escape" route from the daily drudge of every day life. One can drift away whilst reading about Ana and Christian and imagine being in a "red room" or being swept up and taken off in Charlie Tango and wined and dined on the best food and champagne and have outrageous sex on every second page!!

I simply loved these novels for the certainly is highly sexist, downgrading to women and completely implausible on so many levels, but as a reader you don't care! It's their world - a dream...who cares if Christian isn't really making $100,000 per hour? We don't. Christian is alluring and the unimaginable man and Ana is the most frustrating, whinging whiney female you could ever possible hope to be involved with - but this is what is intended. Ana is a silly little girl who can't get over herself or 'Mrs Robinson' and Christian is a complete control freak who likes to dominate but beneath the tough exterior lies a man - broken, torn to shreds inside by his dark past. The "crack whore" comments were very irritating to read I might add and I got tired of the repetitiveness.

I read DARKER twice during the most difficult period in my life and it uplifted me and I was able to truly drift away and imagine being with a man who would save me like a Knight riding on a horse...some women like men who take control of the situation because there are a lot of men who do not. I agree Christian is not the greatest role model and he's not supposed to be.

It is not a book or novel or series of novel's to be taken seriously at all nor is it a great piece of literature. However, it does it's job well and has sold millions to a mass audience and I liken it to the days of Mills and Boons. Many women during the 50's had their "Mother's little helpers" and read Mills and Boon because it was their escape from drudgery of daily living and raising kids...some worked.

The world can be a very ugly place and I consider the News gruesome and people watch that almost every night at 6pm on their TV screens. It's worse than any horror Movie (thinking Skyhooks here)...

So, in closing as much as I respect your views of this horribly, bad written book that lacks everything, there is just that little bit of "magic" that makes me want to pick it up again in a few years when I truly want to escape.

PS: This was written from the very top of my excuse typo's or bad grammar/spelling :-)
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L H Westerlund reviewed on on July 2, 2017

I read the second in this series of reviews first (of a book I never read but it worked fine as a summary as well) and decided to come here for more. It is incredibly funny and while I am not sure we actually needed a step-by-step review of why the fifty shades thing (I hesitate to call it a book) sucks, it is very freeing to see someone else knock their head into the wall with frustration of all the inane nonsense which made me personally give up just three or four chapters into "fifty shades of incredibly insulting to BOTH genders". Keep up this honourable quest of trying to get the world to have better literary taste, and give me a shout if I can help!
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Sarah Woods reviewed on on Jan. 17, 2016

Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I laughed my ass off... def worth it for a free file... pretty please do the Twilight books next lol.
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