ONE, Is a book that firstly, will take you on a journey though some of the events in my life, but then takes you on a journey of discovery, describing how I eventually came to access an amazing level of understanding about many things in our world / universe. One will answer the questions that most, if not all ask ourselves during our lifetime. More

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About Brody Magdalene

I have lived in London all of my life. I am a creative and have been writing songs and producing music since a young age. I have had many creative careers to date, including working as a cameraman for TV, producing music for TV and working on my own music and film projects. I have had my music signed by many record labels and publishing companies for commercial uses along with selling my own CD’s, vinyl records/digital downloads, and have had exposure for lots of my work, but along with the successes, I have also had many failures. I decided recently to write a book about my life and the understanding I now have about things that build our existence.
I now realise that I love writing and will be doing this more in the future.

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