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Evil mages torture to death Jennifer’s best friend. Jennifer leads a cadre of apprentices to capture Bad Souls. The cadre runs into a trap, and Jennifer’s boyfriend dies. She becomes catatonic. She recovers but gets cursed by a Bad Soul.

Jennifer discovers different magic and captures all Bad Souls. She meets a girl with the same magic. They become master and apprentice and honorary sisters. More
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About Gregory Tetrault

Gregory Tetrault grew up in Phoenix, New York, a small town north of Syracuse. He attended medical school at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Dr. Tetrault became a clinical pathologist and directed medical laboratories for twenty years. He started writing novels after he retired. The Jennifer's Magic trilogy was published in 2015. Kassie, Girl Genius, is a contemporary fiction series. The first two novels were published in February 2016. He’s working on a third Kassie novel.

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About the Series: Jennifer’s Magic
Jennifer’s a 17-year-old genius and mage who lives in a society with no knowledge of magic. After the torture and murder of Sarah, Jennifer’s best friend, Jennifer and others form a cadre to capture the mage sociopaths. The cadre succedes, but the price is high: Jennifer’s boyfriend dies, and she and two other cadre members are cursed.

Jennifer learns a new and powerful form of magic and invents new spells. Soon after, Jennifer meets Lahni, a girl with the same kind of magic. They become ‘sisters’ and learn about magic together. Working together, they uncover the interactions of lifeforce with the soul. Their later discoveries unveil most of the mysteries of a millennium of magic.

Jennifer uses her new powers to identify and capture mage revolutionaries who plan to take over the United Kingdom. She and Lahni also find and imprison assassins who fear their rising powers. After an all-too-brief period of calm, Lahni and Jennifer speak with the soul of Sarah. She convinces them to make tremendous sacrifices and accept a task that may determine the fate of mankind.

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