Beyond Motivation

BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay. The Expanded Editon with Richard E. Ward adds an overview of THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME, 42 author bios, 43 book synopses and more. The book builds on the foundation of McCay's timeless, classic of increased personal productivity helping individuals and groups increase their productivity by recognizing that working with others is an exchange of energy. More

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About James T. McCay

James T. (Tackaberry) McCay – ‘Jim’ to his friends – was a visionary and great business thinker.

McCay was an amazing man with a brilliant mind, gifted at connecting the dots and then communicating his insights as well as helping others to do the same thing for themselves.

James T. McCay was the Chairman of Integron Associates Incorporated of Montreal, co-ordinators of integrated development projects. He acted as counsel on organization growth and executive development to some forty Canadian and United States corporations.

Graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1943 with a degree in Chemical Engineering he went to the Persian Gulf to work on an oil refinery construction project. Returning to Canada he helped to found a company which manufactured and distributed heating equipment nationally. After that time, he practiced as a consultant to management on plant design, work analysis and process controls.

James McCay and Associates Ltd.

In 1953 McCay formed, with Dr. J. S. Bois, Bois, McCay and Associates (later becoming James McCay and Associates Ltd.) and developed a series of programs for executive training as well as leading numerous seminars on self-development and the management of time.

The Integron Centre

Ten years later McCay commenced planning with Victor Prus of The Integron Centre – a centre for human development. The Integron Centre was a futuristic meeting place designed under a dome by Buckminister Fuller set on an island.

McCay travelled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Orient interviewing several hundred leaders in government, industry, universities as well as researchers in the sciences of man nurturing the growth of the Integron Centre concept and Integral Development.

Guru to the Gurus

McCay’s work as a counsel on organization growth and executive development to leading corporations in Canada and the USA lead many to regard him as a guru to gurus.

The Management of Time

His reputation as a management guru was solidified with the publication in 1959 of The Management of Time by Prentice-Hall, New Jersey. The book is considered to be the classic guide to increased productivity. Prentice-Hall republished the book in 1995 with a new Introduction and Appreciation co-authored by Richard E. Ward.

Beyond Motivation

Beyond Motivation builds on The Management of Time and grows out of McCay’s work as corporate counsel and the development of The Integron Centre – a centre for human development.

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