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I am Rudrabha Mukherjee, a neoteric reformist and mathematician-trailblazer, working towards making the seemingly dire and distressing subject of mathematics – Well…. there’s no other way to say it…. – EASY! And also restyling it into a trouble-free subject of fun for everyone by innovatively pioneering new-fashioned unorthodox and ground-breaking ways of teaching and comprehending it.
Having had taught mathematics to a diverse collection of students in the past 13 years (I started when I was in standard 6th­!). I’m a steadfast believer of teaching students according to their interest and comfort by continuously comprehending their way of absorbing the various nooks and crannies of mathematics and presenting the seemingly gargantuan discipline of Maths through an angle they can ideally grasp it with and can best savour and relish the MOJA (Bengali for the English word ‘Fun’) of engaging in it.

The dream that drives me is to convert as many Maths haters into Maths lovers as I can. I have made worthwhile and fulfilling triumph in my strife to do so too, which has solely worked to fuel my efforts and add to my hunger of reaching out to and aiding as many individuals as possible.

I am proud to declare that my students have secured gold medals in various competitive events and also include class/school/foundation coaching/zonal toppers.

One thing about me that any of my students or friends know for sure is that for mathematics and education I am always with them. It is my passion and if it drives me to go out of my way to help someone, then that’s all well and good!


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