The Big Fat Book of Hillary's Top Ten Accomplishments and Other Cool Stuff

Hillary fan's, it's time to wet your panties and watch your head explode at this great political satire! Conservatives, it's time to rejoice in the truth. Really, she did accomplish something and you'll see what was. This wonderfully funny book, brings her big fat top ten "accomplishments" and other cool stuff to the forefront for all to admire. Democrats this is political satire so deal with it More

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About Leonardo Enoch Bonobo MD, PHD

Dr. Leonardo Enoch Bonobo is recognized as the world’s foremost primate scholar in the field of political science, philosophy, medicine and the cerebral deficiencies of politicians. He has earned four PhDs, maybe 5, and a law degree from various Ivy League Universities. As a law student he interned with the U.S. Supreme Court and later interned at the White House under President William Clinton. Dr. Bonobo earned his medical degree from a prestigious mail order Congolese diploma mill with a specialty in psychiatry. His ground breaking research has been generously funded with enormous grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Department of Education. His scholarly research and dissertations have been published in scores of peer reviewed journals and have received worldwide praise. His work has garnered him numerous nominations for the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize in international diplomacy and coordination between peoples. Dr. Bonobo realized that only a loser would accept the Prize in those fields and refused the Prize. Dr. Bonobo was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California. His father was a well-known professor and head of the Social Welfare Department at the University of California and his mother was a world renowned roller skating chimpanzee. As a young primate he enjoyed yoga, mud wrestling and bowling. At sixteen, he was spotted weight lifting at Venice’s muscle beach and signed to a multi-year contract modeling men’s underwear and serving as spokesman for “Stinking Monkey” fine ale and for “Primates’ Best” bottled water. While attending college, he served as a principle advisor to several democratic Senators and Congress members from California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts. The California democrats were so enamored with his intelligence, guidance and sex appeal they begged him to run for governor, but he declined stating it would require abandoning all ethics and lowering himself to their sub-human level. Recently Dr. Bonobo and his family were asked to star in a Beverly Hills based reality TV series. He refused, stating there were already enough reality shows featuring primates.

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