Aaron+Henna: The Singing Sword

Aaron and Henna, vol4: Building a home.
friends, enemies , wandering meddlers and grumpy dragons all conspire to make Aaron's new tower a magical place. More

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About Kevin Williams

Latest novel: JoyToy : Singularity (April 2020)
short :The Maple Dyraid Life (april 2020)

NEW freebie stories 2020
JoyToy: Warpath
The Maple Dyriad
Novels are usually 100,000 words: freebies vary. (and might be ANYTHING!)
If you don't fall over laughing at least once while reading, the book is a failure.

Other than that, SF is the lit/philosophy of western urbanization.
the effect of tech
on people
via new mythology.

Beware, you MAY learn something. Or think a bit here and there, even in the comics..
Cartooning? Does-is-ought. Take a does, show what is it is, discuss the ought. (ie: table= work-server= that gossips)
SF? what if, then what, so what?
Fantasy? Any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic. (Characters in conflict over issues)


Readers are welcome to proof-read; if I think it's a good correction, it goes in. (just send an e-mail, book-name + quoted line)
Thanks. (One long-suffering reader got a few books dedicated to him.)

On a personal note; I've got nearly 2 million words published at smashwords.com now. SF + fantasy novels, cartoons + short-stories.

Jeez, lemme see; This whole mess got started in grade school; shorts in HS; novels after. (first one done in pencil after HS.)

Dozen or so 80,000 word novelettes (mostly type-writer.); first computer stuff, 80's; novels+shorts.

Years of zines,quarterlies,novels,cartoons; (apple-clones, compacts, pcs) '86: BBSing a shorts echo (rogue-bone), blogs, cartooning

I THINK I can add another million words there. Maybe. Most of them are lost unless some old CD backups turn up.

Oh, if you don't make the best-seller list with your first novel today, you don't get a second. An 8-million hit web-wonder is entry level committee stuff. I think my count is 28 novels published over 7 years; and another dozen or so early works lost.

* WARNING! * Live and live, (long i vs short) tho and thou. I use thou as tho sometimes. It's the most common complaint.
Writing has been a hobby of mine since the third grade, and was an ambition even earlier. Cartooning, music + philosophy are other bad habits I keep up. (Plus a few secret ones I'm NOT telling you about, so there!)

I zined SF cons with shorts for years (on the freebie table). Well, till they started charging for intros, placements and contests. Quarterly editions, mostly: fantasy, horror (Halloween), children's (Christmas), romantic comedy, (Valentines, st pats) hard SF, on july 1st or world con. Most are in the short-story collections, tho I'm still writing the occasional one today.

Enjoy, thanks, pass it on! (Have a day of it, eh?)

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About the Series: Aaron+Henna
Aaron was a failed wizard's apprentice; Henna the herb-witch wanted out of the bandit camp before her brother married her off to one of his friends.

true love, dragons, buffalos and cats.

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