Enter the Matrix: The 4 Stages of the Soul and 7 Levels of the Mind in the Development of a Prophetic Conscience

Spiritual development occurs from within a person, and demands the awakening of a life’s conscience. More

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About Robin Sacredfire

Robin Sacredfire is a mystic, occultist, entrepreneur, composer, and a best selling author.

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What readers say:

1. "As a Neurosurgeon for 35 years, I felt like his first-year medical student. His spirituality and insight into the laws of life and its ramifications are simply humbling. He is a true genius!" --Dr. Perry Hoeltzell

2. "The knowledge which you share makes my daily practice more meaningful and allows me to have a perspective that is different from others and makes it better. Because you are far ahead in your spiritual development and are willing to share, reading your books inspires me along my own journey." --Dr. Marcus Wong

3. "I found the work to be very poetic in its layout with a generous amount of white space around the written words. This allowed me room for contemplation, which led me to insights of my own along the lines of my own research. And he certainly didn't clutter his books with excess verbiage. To sum up, his books stretched my thinking and awareness. More than I was expecting. I love his books! They should be read by those who enjoy finding diamonds in the rough." --Dr. Marlowe Aster

4. "Your books have been a guide for me and have accelerated my progress in ways I could never have imagined. You are somebody I feel like I can completely trust. You've helped me more than anyone else in this world. You offer the most valuable knowledge and have an amazing ability to bring understanding to life. Words can not describe how blessed I feel to have come across your work." --Matt O.

5. "His words echo through my soul. He gave me a vision into understanding myself. This has allowed me to explore myself and my goals from a new perspective. This author gave me the perfect prescription to finally be able to see." --Michelle Hoeltzell

6. "He captured my mind, body and soul and filled my mind with many productive thoughts. Thoughts brought on because of his brilliant use of words in poetry. It is highly doubtful that I'll ever grow tired of re-reading his inspirational work." --S. Cain

7. "I really admire his smarts and ability to convey the information on the level that he has. Brilliant individual!" --Omeka Moore

8. "He truly writes for the people and he is offering medicine. Apply what you learn and you will see the benefits!" --MBO

9. "Inspirational. His work gives a clear understanding of the mind, body, and soul." --Simba Zvakavapano

10. "Among all the research and studying I have been doing, his books summarize everything." --Ranie Kitingan

11. "Informative and straight to the good stuff. Helped me see exactly where I've been and how I can move forward with confidence in my relationship and passionate goals." --Kimber Wolfgang

12. "It helped me to understand why my relationships failed and why I'm attracted to certain people. Why I can move on in relationships so fast and heal myself at a higher rate than my peers. His books are so amazing!" --Love Hamilton

13. "Insightful and extremely informative. I would recommend to others." --Grayle Tompkins

14. "Waited a long time for someone to explain it all so well." --Susan Calebro

15. "Mind boggling, thought provoking and addictively brilliant." --Jessica Campbell

16. "Great read for enlightenment and a different perspective." --Dee Fam

17. "Very documentary film worthy." --Jake Coulter

18. "I definitely want to read more books by this author." --Janaa Washington

19. "He has made me rethink my life and purpose." --Adrian Nottage

20. "He sets the path for those ready to have a real look at themselves." --Loki Soundbenda

21. "Truly revealing, enlightening, uplifting and positive." --Juan Zapata

22. "Helped me put my thoughts into reality." --Adriel Chavez

23. "We all need this information." --Brock Kennedy

24. "Outstanding outlook on life." --Tosha Manning

25. "Profound truth." --Gordfessor Gordon

26. "Best books I've read in awhile." --Robert Caetano

27. "What you read is factual." --Mark Germain

28. "Very informative and interesting." --Laurie Boulton

29. "Very insightful." --Benjamin Martinez

30. "Very well written." --Ida Erman

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