Tukie Tales Complete Series: A New Beginning for a Better Tomorrow

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Tukies are visitors from another planet and use their special powers to help others-well, most of the time! The youngest Tukie likes playing little tricks on his friends, much to the delight of children. While learning positive life skills, and the importance of nature, Tukies and their friends have fun adventures in a mystical forest and make wishes come true! By Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell More

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Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell are sisters and best friends. Deeply affected by terrible events unfolding everyday worldwide, they felt compelled to do something. After much deliberation, they decided to begin striving for a change with very young children. TUKIE TALES™ Children's Picture Storybooks were written with compassion and love for all of our world’s children in the hope of making a positive difference.

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Tukie Tales Complete Series: A New Beginning for a Better Tomorrow
All 5 Storybooks in 1 ePub. Tukies are visitors from another planet and use their special powers to help others-well, most of the time! The youngest Tukie likes playing little tricks on his friends, much to the delight of young children. While learning positive life skills, and the importance of nature, Tukies and their friends have fun adventures in a mystical forest and make wishes come true!


Karen Matthews reviewed on Sep. 25, 2015

Book 1. Well my 5 year old loved this book so that’s all the validation I need! In all seriousness though, this one is a winner for sure. It is smart and fun, with beautiful, lovely illustrations that match the lively and informative narrative text. The writing is smooth yet upbeat and warns children of getting lost and making their parents worry. A believable set-up that is serious and filled with fantasy at the same time. The Tukies are just delightful creatures that young children will love and listen to. A great way to open up dialog with your child about staying close to where they are supposed to be. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series! A real winner.

Book 2. Both my 5-year old and I were completely immersed in this wonderful, fun book and impressed with the level of creativity that Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell put into “Tukie Tales – Book 2 – I CAN DO IT”. We absolutely love the characters and the energy the author uses, along with the positive message of not giving up… to keep trying until you accomplish what you set out to do! Can’t wait for more magical adventures with the Tukies, and I know my child can’t either! Highly recommend.

Book 3. "Tukie Tales- Teamwork is Best” reunites the children of the story (Jake and Amy) with their magical friends form the forest, The Tukies, when Jake and Amy’s family go on a weekend camping trip. It is fun and silly (Amy with her mud pies) but also delivers a serious message of cooperation and helping out one another. Everyone is stronger when they work together, and it’s more fun too! A delightful tale that is uplifting and educational.

Book 4. Fully imagined and realized, “Tukie Tales” is an adventurous romp with magic and powers and friends and wonderful, positive life lessons for children. What more could you want in a book? My six-year-old son absolutely loves these stories, and especially with this one we had a fun time reading together. I can’t say enough about the way the authors just capture the ‘voice’ of the animals (and the Tukies) that make them feel real…. Not like a ‘grown-up’ is talking down to them. Children can spot that a mile off! Love these—highly recommend!

Book 5. This book was a huge hit in our house, as my five-year-old is currently obsessed with talking animals. So she loved this one, and I appreciated the wonderful story and terrific values that each story introduces, along with just some nice, common sense actions presented in a way that even real young children can easily understand and relate too. And these stories are fun! I actually liked how each one had just the slightest bit of tension/conflict/danger (appropriate for the age group) so that we are able to ‘overcome’ the obstacles together. A terrific addition to our reading collection and we are eager to read more adventures of these delightful Tukies (and friends) soon!
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Stacy Decker reviewed on Sep. 22, 2015

Book 1 - In the first book of the “Tukie Tales” series, we are introduced to the mystical and adorable “Tukies”, the magical creatures (That resemble adorable stuffed animals) that live in the woods behind young Amy and Jake’s house. Right away we are pulled into this wonderful fantasy/reality world with the engaging text and bright, colorful pictures. The magical Tukies are from a land far away but live in the woods, and they help Amy and Jake find their way home again after a storm hits and they get lost. A great, fast-paced and fun read for young children, and adults will appreciate the positive message it teaches.

Book 2 - A creative, magical fantasy with real-life lessons that is aimed at the 4-9ish crowd, and parents will love the positive lessons of strength and morality and building good character! It stands out to me in terms of originality, even if some elements are familiar, it still has a unique voice and writing style that makes it feel fresh and exciting for children (and adults!). I definitely enjoyed the world-building and creativity. The story flows effortlessly, and the authors have the ability to entice the reader into this adventurous and fun-filled world with the Tukies. Great book in the collection. Ready for more!

Book 3 - I just love these “Tukie Tales” the idea of the ‘real world’ blending in with the magical fantasy world (with talking animals and make-believe characters) There are fun adventures to be had, but also important life lessons to be learned, and this is a great vehicle for teaching them to the younger children (5-8 year olds) It is very creative and thinks outside the box as far as storylines for younger kids go, but it has some familiar favorite tropes that are sure to delight. And the illustrations are just fabulous!

Book 4 - Another wonderful winner. Each story is better and better, in my opinion, probably because we get to see more scenes and different experiences, and see different sides of the Tukies. This one, “Helping is Fun” shows the upside to helping others, pulling on experiences from the earlier stories. And I just have to say that the picture of the turtle on the xylophone is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Teaches more valuable life skills, even ones that aren’t maybe the focal point (like being careful when crossing a road). This one was a bit funnier than the others because of the joking tone. But still a wonderful and valid message that is very important.

Book 5 - I think this whole book I really something special, and children will really enjoy the colorful drawing and enchanted stories. We sympathize immediately with the animals, and learn the importance of compassion and trying to do the right thing. “When kindness is given, it is returned”. A wonderful message that really all ages can benefit from. I think that this story “Kindness Counts” was the sweetest of the 5 tales, and such a valuable message to get across. All the stories are excellent in their own way, but this one was my favorite. Loved the ending and really hope there will be more of these wonderful and magical books in the future!
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Claire Middleton reviewed on Sep. 18, 2015

Book 1: One day, young Jake and Amy hear strange noises in the woods behind their house and they go to investigate. What they find is a magical and wonderful surprise in the form of talking animals and special creatures known as “Tukies”. They make new friends and learn a very valuable lesson about wandering off when they shouldn’t. Absolutely wonderful, lively illustrations and an engaging text with fun pictures, lovable creatures, and a strong message for children re-enforcing them to be careful and not to get lost. A charming tale sure to delight and entertain!

Book 2: My daughter is positively in love with the Tukies and these stories! We read one a night, and although the 5 stories are part of a larger book, the length of each shorter story is just right, and they each have their own distinct “lesson” or theme. This one is called “I Can Do It” and it teaches the young Beaver, Cody, who is growing frustrated that he can’t build a solid dam. With the help of the Tukies and him not giving up and trying new ways, he is able to succeed. A great, happy message that is fun to read and teaches important life lessons. Wonderful!

Book 3: We all really enjoy these Tukie Tales as they are very easy to read, engaging, and fast-paced to keep your child’s attention. They are positive, strong values wrapped up in creative and magical fun. This one, “Team Work is Best” really drives home the importance of working together for a common goal, as well and being aware of fire danger (important!) A win-win for child and parent, and stories that encourage children to actually think and learn something useful. Highly recommend – you won’t be disappointed!

Book 4: "Tukie Tales- Helping is Fun” by Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell is such a fun, sweet story with an important plot (gasp!) and is quite easy to read for older children, but the real younger ones might need some help. The wonderful illustrations really bring the scenes to life, and the messages in these adventurous stories will not be lost on the young ones, even if they just seem like cute, fun stories about magical forest creatures and talking animals. A wonderful book with delightful stories. Hope there will be many more books like this with the Tukies as I can see them being wildly popular.

Book 5: My daughter has already read this book three times. It is definitely one of those books that is as entertaining for the adults as it is for the children. The illustrations add a great accent and life to the story, but while some children’s books absolutely must rely on the pictures to keep the child’s attention, “Tukie Tales: A New Beginning for a Better Tomorrow” does not. Each of the individual stories are captivating and heart-warming, each with their own special message for the readers. “Kindness Counts” shows how doing good things for people (or animals) can come back to you in a great way, even if you don’t expect it. Highly recommended for children ages 4-9, and all children at heart.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
LauraClarke reviewed on Sep. 17, 2015

Book 1 "Lost"- absolutely loved this!! What a great set up for a wonderful series of books for young children that is both fun and educational. The lessons in here are subtle, but are there… this one teaches the dangers of getting lost and encourages children to not go places they don’t know where they are. But at least they make some wonderful new friends in the forest known as THE TUKIES, delightful creatures that have special powers and can talk. A terrific read for younger children and adults will enjoy the great message it delivers while wrapped up in a fun, relatable story.

Book 2 Tukie Tales: A New Beginning For A Better Tomorrow—I Can Do It” has all the elements one could hope for from a children’s fantasy picture book. Although it is about some magical creatures (called the “Tukies”), it is written in a way that both children and adults will certainly enjoy the adventures and challenges they face and overcome, and the positive life-lessons the children can take away from it. It has enough magic to be ‘fun’, but is ‘real’ enough to deliver the right tone and message. The writing is excellent, as are the lovely illustrations. An enjoyable read that I would recommend for young readers without hesitation.

What a charming and imaginative tale with a wonderful lesson! I loved this book and so did my 8-year-old daughter.(She asked if the Tukies had their own TV show! Ha!) It tells of the Tukies in their enchanted forest (that is also real where humans go) and they encounter their young human friends, Jake and Amy (whom them previously helped in the first book “Lost”). This one has lots of fun family time, and learns the importance of fire-safety and working together to accomplish tasks. This was a fun, easy read that children will devour.

Book 4 HELPING IS FUN: ’m not ashamed to admit it, I'm 32 yrs old and I think this story is totally adorable and I’m totally transported to this world of the Tukies and their friends. Honestly if I were younger I’d probably want the illustrations as posters on my wall. You just can’t not be happy when you look at them, with their positive energy just radiating off every page… Love reading a book where the animals are the stars and just as big of characters as the people are. I can't say enough good things about this book, do yourself a favor buy it! You'll smile and laugh and love it each time you read it, and your child will learn valuable lessons.

Book 5: Kindness Counts - Book 5- Kindness Counts
I really thought this entire book was great, and I loved this story “Kindness Counts”. It Showed lots of creativity and compassion. Plus it was very sweet and expressed completely different type of story than we are used to reading in our house, which usually just has adventures or action, but not necessarily the life lessons I’d want my young ones to be exposed to. In the Tukie Tales book, all the stories have clear concepts, and the writing is straightforward. Beautiful, joyful pictures and even if it’s a bit long for the real young ones to read straight through, older children (6 and up) should be delighted by these talented, intelligent, magical animals. I know I was!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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