Chasing Spirits - The Memoirs of Reginald Weldon

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There is an old man sitting in a bed on Angel ward, telling stories.

He says he has to tell someone, because he is dying.

He says he doesn't care if you believe the tales are true or not, because he is not sure that half of them ever happened at all.

Reg Weldon claims that he has seen things that would make your skin crawl.

He claims a lot of things... More

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About Glynn James

GLYNN JAMES, born in Wellingborough, England, in 1972, is an author of science fiction, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy, horror, and dystopian fiction.

His love of science fiction and horror began when he was eight years old after discovering HP Lovecraft and Richard Matheson, and then later on James Herbert, Clive Barker, and Stephen King.

In addition to co-authoring the ARISEN books, he is the author of the DIARY OF THE DISPLACED series.

More info on his writing and projects can be found at

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Review by: Crystal Waldrum on July 04, 2012 :
Reg was a great character and I liked that he didn't know what was happening and opens up the reader the possibilities to the evil beast travelling to our world. It also points out how incredibly unprepared we are for the force that may arrive in the near to far future. At times I did find it a little dry and wished that perhaps a little more interaction (or action in general) was played upon with Reg and the next world - perhaps a journey to find his wife? Did lay the ground work for the follow up tale of Joseph though and was needed to tie the first and third stories together.
(reviewed 10 months after purchase)

Review by: Kathryn Merkel on Dec. 06, 2011 :
Chasing Spirits is the second book in a series by Glynn James, the first is Diary of the Displaced. This book takes us through the life of a man, Reginald (Reg) Weldon, who after living just over 100 years, dictates his memories while lying in a hospital bed. During his long life, Reg experiences many highs & lows, as well as numerous supernatural encounters. The most devastating of his loses is the disappearance of his wife, from which he never really recovers.

Through Reg’s narrative, we learn a bit more about the world James navigated in book one, although many old questions are left unanswered & more new questions arise. This book is less a continuation of the first book, but more a rest stop between Diary & book three, The Last To Fall. Chasing Spirits could easily be read alone, but does give another viewpoint of events in both the other books, which enhances the experience of reading the set.
(reviewed 62 days after purchase)

Review by: Deb Novack on Dec. 02, 2011 :
This is the 2nd book in the series that I have read and it is as good as the 1st one that I read. It is a wonderful story of Reg and the happenings throughout his life some dark,some sad, some very happy, and some that were very strange indeed. Once again Glynn great book.
(reviewed 57 days after purchase)

Review by: Robin on Nov. 18, 2011 :
Glynn James-an author of the unexpected of Sci-Fi,horror,etc. After reading Diary Of the Displaced, I received Chasing Spirits. Glynn James has a way of bringing you into the same world as his characters. This is told by a dying old man,Reg, who as a child grew up in many different families,but no real home. Reg's world turns upside down when he is enlisted in the war and this war turns out to be anything but normal. After I started to read this it was hard put down when times got busy until I got to the end. If you are a fan of this genre give this book a try you will not regret it.
(reviewed 44 days after purchase)

Review by: Bill Thibadeau on Nov. 15, 2011 :
I had just finished Deary of the Displaced immediately before reading Chasing spirits which is subtitled Diary of the Displaced #2. There was not a whole lot to correlate the two stories and the areas that were referenced in both titles were only a matter of mention. Nothing was done to flesh them out. A lost opportunity perhaps?

I am not a stalwart fan of the dark supernatural fantasy genre. Even so, I preferred the first diary of the Displaced over this title. I felt the first book had more plot twists and interest.

The author has a strong knack of good story telling. I do find the lack of editing a bit wearisome. It is almost as if he is rushing the product out the door. It is also possible that the British vernacular is a cause of the apparent poor editing.

I will be reading his third book starting today now that I have finished the first two. I am looking forward to the third book and hope he writes more.
(reviewed 41 days after purchase)

Review by: mirrani on Nov. 10, 2011 :
Who hasn't, at one point in time, wanted to sit and listen to an older relative telling the story of their lives? War tales are iconic in a way, and that is just what this book brings to mind, memories of listening to my family members talk about the war. The story goes beyond war, though, it tells the life of a man who has suffered an unusual loss and in the telling of his story we discover snips of the world in the previous book in the series.

Though there seemed to be more than a few editorial mistakes through the book, the story was good, well rounded and heartwarming. I was left with the feeling that I have missed something between this book and Diary of the Displaced, which comes before it, and am slightly disappointed that the order seemed somewhat out of place. It is a good story to stand on its own, however, meaning that there is really not an order of one that must follow another. I look forward to reading more about this world, so that my curiosity can be satisfied.

Note: Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting. The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I'd gone out and bought it. I also give bonus points for Text To Speech enabling on Kindle format.... but that also wasn't a factor in the above review.
(reviewed 34 days after purchase)

Review by: Chandra Gay on Nov. 03, 2011 :
Read from October 20 to 21, 2011 Kindle Edition

AUTHOR: Glynn James is a writer of Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers. Let me tell you why I like his writing. Oooppps you blinked. You're reading along. So you think you have the hang of the story? He throws in the unexpected. Both intriguing and fascinating. It's the don't blinking parts that make the plot think'n .... sooo, don't blink.

SYNOPSIS – This book is written in first person as per diary of the life of Reginald aka Reg. His mother died. He never really knew his father. He went from house to house UNTIL he ended up on the streets as a impoverished child. Centered around Reginald's "normal" life, he is a witness to the paranormal; a man that looks human but is not human; an object moving underwater at a high speed, teleportation, l'amour and war. Now READ!!!! Well worth it.

(4 out of 5) Stars. Elements of a Science Fiction Book TEST=
Other Worldly.....................................NO; events take place on earth but otherworldly is spoken of within the events.
Characters easily identifiable........................YES;
Peril................................................ YES;
Plot easy to comprehend...............................YES.

FAVORITE PART: Having a talk with Andre.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: Could not figure out Breaker's Alley.

YOU WILL LIKE THIS BOOK IF YOU LIKE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: Tracey Steele on Nov. 03, 2011 :
I really enjoyed this book, and once I started reading had to keep going until I reached the end. I read it out of sequence, after The Last to Fall, but it really didn't matter. I like how things are beginning to tie in with the first book in the series, and some questions are starting to get answered. As with the others I found myself wanting more.
I received this book, along with Diary of The Displaced and The Last to Fall as part of the Librarything Member Giveaway, but I am hooked now and will buy more of Glynn James' work.
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)

Review by: Angie Creech on Oct. 31, 2011 :
Reginald must tell his life story before he dies. Reginald had a hard life as a child but just when things seem to be turning around the murder of his foster parent sets into motion a series of events no one could ever have predicted. From being abducted to being forced into a war as a young teenager, Reginald saw things he was much to young to see and some things he would never be able to explain. There were interesting elements of this book that tied into the first book of the series; however, I look forward to seeing where this series it leading.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)

Review by: Alex Lux on Oct. 27, 2011 :
A great read, couldn't put it down. Highly recommended.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: roadway2000 on Oct. 27, 2011 :
"The book had a slow start, then I couldn't put it down. I read it in a few hours. This is a story about the good, bad and extremely ugly in a man of over 100 years life. It keeps your attention through wars abroad and same as wars at home during the early parts of the 19th century. I believe anyone will enjoy this book."
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Lynn on Oct. 25, 2011 :
Chasing Spirits is book 2 in the series Diary of the Displaced by Glynn James and I found it a little bit more easier to read than the first one, even though it also is a dark fantasy. It is the story of one man Reg Weldon who at right about 100 years old in a nursing home recounts his life from the beginning as he remembers it. From being kidnapped, to his first murder, to going through the war. He relates about the different beings he has met-dead men walking.
Relating back to the first book in the series at times I found this book not to be as dark and deep a fantasy or as supernatural as the first one was. It’s a book that can be read on its own without having to read the first one before hand, but it is always nice to read a whole series to keep everything in line.
As with the first one if you like Sci-Fi or dark fantasy the n you will enjoy this series.
I received this book from the author through Library Things Give Away program. A positive review was not really required but I feel its only fair to give my opinion of a book that I win and read.
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)

Review by: Doskoi Panda on Oct. 23, 2011 :
In Chasing Spirits (Diary of the Displaced #2), Reg Weldon, a very old man in a nursing home, recounts his eventful and peculiar life story on a Dictaphone, beginning from an early orphaned childhood of foster homes (and worse), and continuing on to describe life as a street urchin, being illegally drafted onto the front lines of World War I, a vanishing, starting over in post-war London, being part of a landing party during World War II, and so on. During his adventures, he experiences several inexplicable moments involving monsters and madness, extreme cruelty and kindness; strange creatures and beings that cross his path at various times throughout his life. This is a novella that has ties to the world in Diary of the Displaced, but is not a straightforward continuation of that story. It also acts as a bridge to the next part, Last to Fall, utilising a sort of elliptical storytelling, as some of the questions from Diary of the Displaced gradually begin to get answered.

Reg's world is basically our own (taking into account the passage of time) and his landscape is less alien than that of the dark realm in the preceding volume, making it easier to follow and relate to his story. Reg is less confused and disoriented than the narrator in Diary which allows the author more freedom to improve his writing, and also allows for more character interaction*. there are nice touched of historical details - the weather in 1908, or the likely items available to soldiers during World War I, for example (though I question the walk by the canal, given what I know of city waterways and plumbing.)

On the downside, Reg presents himself as more willing to reveal things about people other than himself, which is peculiar in this autobiographical tale. Reg does say at the beginning it's meant to be about the weird things he'd seen/experienced, but it feels like a cop out. Unexplained weirdness (e.g., appearances of strange beings/creatures, Marie's mystery, importance of the knife) feel like tease events and are unresolved. While frustratingly vague on the points above, other things have a lot of space devoted to them (e.g., the game with the kids early on),that feels out of balance with the rest. Minor editing is needed to clarify the early villains - their names appear to be interchangeable in places. More development is needed to flesh out relationships, especially Marie (it would be good to know more about her - she has no voice in this) and Joe, who has a voice but feels very much a surface character (until the next installment.)

Overall rating: 4 stars
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)

Review by: Tona Cruz Dominguez on Oct. 19, 2011 :
I enjoyed this book because it was not all supernatural. This dying man records his life story. The loves and loses that made him who he was. I wish that I had read this after "The Last to Fall." It felt more like the ending of the series than the middle.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)

Review by: Gavin Lipscombe on Oct. 10, 2011 :
Glynn does it again.

An old man reminisces on the highlights of his long life.

Sound a bit boring? Not at all!

A wonderful tale, slightly linked to Diary of the Displaced, about a man's life. Glynn takes you on 100 year tale that keeps you interested. Great descriptive prose that leaves me wanting more.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

Review by: C.V. Hunt on Aug. 08, 2011 :
The protagonist takes us on a journey of an ordinary life filled with unusual and unexplainable events.

The writer does a wonderful job. This is the second book that I have read by Glynn James, and I am reading another of his work now. He has great way of telling stories in a diary type fashion that sucks you in.

I highly recommend his books to people that love the first person POV like I do, and for those that are looking for a different kind of read.
(reviewed 27 days after purchase)

Review by: Vaughnna Wilde on May 28, 2011 :
I read this after I read Diary of the Displaced, and so I knew that it was actually a pre-quel to the bokk, however it could easily have been it's own separate story. Mr. James has a way of making me feel like I am standing with the characters throughout the stories, and when I reach the last page, I just know that it's not the end.

I do recommend reading this book AFTER Diary of the Displaced, but if you choose to read it first, I don't feel that it will take anything away from either story.

Happy Reading
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Mike Moravek on May 19, 2011 :
This book is the sequel to "Diary of the Displaced - The Journal of James Halldon", but interestingly it holds up as an independent story in it's own right. The links to the first book are brilliantly woven into the narrative in such a way that knowledge of the details of the first book are not necessary for total enjoyment. However, if you have read the first book, important details are brought to light that answer some questions and gratifyingly, create others (perhaps to be answered in future volumes? - Rumor has it that the answer is "Yes").

The perspective used in the two books are diametrically opposed and show the wonderful creativity of Glynn James' writing prowess. You sometimes wonder if it is actually the same person who wrote both books.

The rare talent of being able to so completely dominate the two perspectives, along with writing a sequel that does not require one to know the story line of the first book is reason enough to experience this amazing new author. The stories will speak for themselves. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the world's created by Glynn James!
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)

Review by: Js1701 on May 18, 2011 :
Given that you know at the beginning that the main character is dying, it starts out already being kind of sad. The story meandered a bit at first, but the pieces start really coming together in the second half of the book. It stays compelling the whole way through.

The tie-ins with Diary of the Displaced were also very welcome.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

Review by: Neha A on May 17, 2011 :
Nice work by Glynn again. I have loved the other book as well - 'The Corridor'. This book also has a few linkups in between with the other world. A lot of questions still unanswered.. I also would love to know what happened to Marie probably in other books to come.. I was hooked to the book and completed reading the whole book as soon as I downloaded it.
I would be waiting for the new book in series to come up soon.
Good Reading...
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Georgeanna B. on May 09, 2011 :
Hard book for me to review. I absolutely LOVED the tie-ins to the Corridor and Glynn's writing style is so comfortable, I fell right into the story. The bizarre, unexplainable things Reg has witnessed in his lifetime come through loud and clear. The only downside for me was that I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy. I kept wishing for his life to take an upswing, not just in his finances, but for him to be a happy person. But, perhaps that's a personal failing of mine, and not anything to do with the story.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

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