Blood Spiral

Private investigator Mitchell King fights to shield a female astronaut from a sexual harassment when he’s asked to persuade the stalker to quit. Mitch then becomes personally involved with the sexy murder witness whom he’s hired to protect. The investigations take Mitch from the refined engineering of space exploration to the squalor of biker bars and heroin dens. More

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About Sam Waas

Sam Waas has been a writer throughout his adult life. He began by editing an under-ground newsletter while in college at the University of Kansas, and has freelanced ever since. He’s written book reviews for major dailies, strung for newspapers with sports car racing coverage, and has written articles for gun magazines and local newspapers, varied pieces for slick monthlies, and short stories, screenplays and essays. He’s also written numerous book reviews for the online mystery website Over My Dead Body.

Recently, Sam’s concentrating on his Mitch King private detective novels, based in Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast region. There are three novels thus far: Blood Spiral, Blood Storm and Blood Vengeance, and he’s now writing his fourth Mitch King novel.

Sam worked in science, technology, and research for many years. He was involved in polymer physics, programmed for structural engineering firms, worked with high tech computer ventures, and has also edited petroleum exploration and production specifications as a tech writer. Sam believes that his science and engineering background augments his fiction, in that it provides insight into meticulous details which lend texture and flavor to his mystery novels.

Sam is a longtime fan of classical music and opera, and as a classically trained baritone, sang in opera, chorales, and Episcopal church choirs. He also enjoys classic rock and progressive jazz. A voracious reader, Sam’s favorite book is James Joyce’s Ulysses, which he’s read several times and of which he’s made a personal study. He also enjoys books on Imperial Roman history, quantum physics and cosmology, science fiction, biographies and of course, mysteries. Besides Joyce, his favorite modern mainstream authors are Cormac McCarthy, James Dickey and Joseph Heller. His favored mystery writers are Bill Pronzini, Robert Crais and John Sandford.

Sam enjoys attending opera and classical concerts, pistol shooting, playing chess and pool, and just hanging out at the local pub. He makes his home in Houston where he lives with his boon companion and girlfriend.
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