50 Ways to Energize Your Workforce

Build your workforce and increase productivity infusing energy into the workforce is what every business needs to stay ahead of the game. 50 Ways to Energize Your Workforce will provide you with tips on how to maintain an energized workforce; how to build staff morale, increase productivity, create and keep a market presence and more ... More

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About Annmarie Edwards

Dr. Annmarie Edwards was born in Kingston Jamaica and immigrated to the United States in January,1989. She lived with her paternal grandmother, sister and two uncles until she was eleven years old. At the age of eleven, her grandmother died then she went to live with her mother. During her years as a teenager, she was an active member in church and became a member of her youth choir singing soprano. A seeker of knowledge from an early age, she vowed when she immigrated to the U.S.A she would go to college and thats what she did earning herself a bachelor’s degree in education from St. Johns University. She then went on to earn her Master’s degree in education from Adelphi University and then her doctorate in education leadership from University of Phoenix.

Dr. Edwards published several books, dissertation and articles and have done radio interviews. Her latest children’s fiction is “Peewee the ladybug and the Jamaica Freedom Jamboree. She likes to listen to music, write, painting and go on leisure walk with her side kick Tiger a human dog. Working in her community, travel and being an ambassador are her goals. You can learn more about her by following her tweets on twitter and her occassional post on Facebook.

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