The Dream Interpreter

At last, a clear concise guide to understanding exactly what your dreams mean!
The Dream Interpreter is a dynamic collection of dream concepts and specific easy methods of dream interpretation – it is also contains instructions on how to learn the unique language of your brain!
Now dream expert Ray Harris shares his 40 years of experience, knowledge and tips with you. More

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About Ray Harris

Ray Harris produces a high quality unusual mixture of genres in his writing. Subjects range from none fiction to science fiction in a delightful collage, all pointed in one way or another at examining the mystical abilities of mankind, and always using real science as a base, in order to present a clearer understanding of these strange phenomenon that humanity has always viewed as either hocus pocus, or with deep superstition.
Ray reveals through his diverse works the natural laws of our world and universe at work, very much analogous to the writings of Lyall Watson.
Having been born with Clairvoyant abilities, Ray had to contend with the scorn of a large sector of the population that couldn't believe that he had access to other dimensions in one way or another. This reason, amongst others, prompted him to seek proof that would be acceptable by people, and because that proof came mainly from science, he studied many mysterious phenomenon from that perspective. This in turn caused him to write a wide variety of works that examined these phenomenon from unique and exciting perspectives. Ray believes that one has to have both a specialized and holistic view of these mysterious abilities in order to gain a defined insight, and so it is that every time he produces a book, you can be relatively sure that its subject matter will differ from what he wrote previously.
This provides the reader with a wonderful array of new interesting subjects and information, revealing the astonishing truth about mankind and his potential abilities.
Reading Rays books is like diving into strange waters with the conflicting emotions of excitement and apprehension. One thing is sure - the reader will never again view this earthly life in the way they did before!
To date, Ray has produced works on Dreams and Dream Interpretation in a way never done before, a unique work on his personal experience with Death, a completely unique book that gives an insight to his life and background, a book on motivational quotes that summarises many strange abilities affecting mankind, and showing how they work, a volume of amazing Science Fiction stories that is the first in a series of ten, and will be launching a practical guide to activate and develop Clairvoyance within the next few weeks. There are many more to come, so once the reader has been through the exciting array of eBooks available from Ray, they can look forward to new and wondrous emerging subjects!

RAY HARRIS is a lecturer, artist, inventor, author, philosopher, and is a trailblazer in numerous areas of expertise.
The author and lecturer of the Life Empowerment Course, Ray heads up the Life Empowerment Training Division of The Institute of Life Empowerment & Metaphysics that is based in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Ray has been actively involved in the upliftment of humanity for more than thirty years and over the past fifteen years, has trained numerous Lecturers and Life Skills Coaches as well as hundreds of individuals in the Life Empowerment Course as well as other life-transforming modalities.
He has, amongst other things, been nominated for the E’Thekweni ‘Living Legends’ award for his outstanding commitment to the betterment of the human condition. He has presented Radio broadcasts to convey his knowledge and expertise in the fields of human dynamics, self-realization, life proficiency and interpersonal relationships. This course is also formatted as a Distance Learning Program entitled “Get a Life!”
He has also written a number of books on various subjects.
His release of ‘The Day I Died’, is an account that describes his death experience and reveals what he encountered, experienced, observed and learnt after death, ‘on the other side”. His motivation for writing this book was to share the information that he gained during this exceptional experience specifically to benefit people so that they do not need to fear the death and dying process and also to provide consolation and comfort to all who have lost loved ones to death. This book also provides valuable insights into a multitude of aspects around which our existence revolves.
In another book entitled “LIGHTEN UP!” which is due to be released as an eBook shortly, Ray has compiled many of his own deep insights, life guidelines, quotes & sayings. He believes that this compilation is a Book for Life, as it provides wisdom & insight not only to empower one to deal with day-to-day affairs in a powerful and decisive way but also to enjoy a higher state of being. Ray is confident that the words in this book will go a long way to assist everyone to reach enlightenment, no matter what religion they may belong to.
He has also written over 800 short stories; an electronic Dream Journal for dream analysis and dream interpretation; anthologies of poetry; and has completed a unique book featuring fifty highly-detailed monochromatic drawings of African wildlife and associated poems
Ray has deep spiritual roots and possesses an intense rapport with nature due to his considerable personal experience of it, having spent most of his formative years in the wilds of South Africa, most notably within the Hluhluwe Game Reserve during its golden years.
As an artist, Ray has developed some individualized and distinctive techniques, one of which is a unique method of watercolor multi-layering to achieve precise texture and detail, in some instance up to 200 layers. His masterful use of acrylics creates unsurpassed levels of texture, depth, form and detail, from translucency through to the complex texture of fur and feathers. Although he specializes in life-sized animals, his works also include intricate highly detailed monochrome animal images, animal and bird portraits, birds in flight, butterflies, incandescent flowers, surreal art, scenes of the Cosmos, science – fantasy, landscapes.
Ray is a multifaceted character who has layers of talent that make him a colorful personality, but best known for his wisdom concerning the human condition.

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