HADRON Dark Matter

In this first devastating book of the HADRON series, a small group of citizens take control of their own destinies when Earth's relatively tranquil existence is shattered by a new reality... our galaxy is a hostile, unforgiving place. Can we survive a collapsing civilization before our true enemies even arrive? Find out now by grabbing your free copy of HADRON Dark Matter today! More
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About Stephen Arseneault

I came to this planet fifty some odd years ago. After exiting my mother's portal, the doctor slapped me around until I started breathing the oxygen. I'll admit, at the time, I had no idea what I was doing or where I was. Being an infant Human, I was completely reliant on the responsible actions of others. It was a time that I have largely forgotten.

I reside in Central Florida with the wife and children. After thirty years in engineering, my time is now spent chronicling the adventures of fictitious heroes. They are off-world, fighting the good fight. For me? I'm stuck here on this planet in this feeble existence that we Humans are all forced to endure.

So, I ask you this... do you wish to escape the bonds of this surly planet we call Earth? Are you looking for a bit more adventure than what the grocery store has to offer? Do you worry about being enslaved by alien androids or six-eyed alien goats with lasers? Pew, pew, pew!

Yeah, that's what I thought. Asking yourself those questions and getting back an answer is the first hurdle to cross in the race to get off this world. Sounds like you are ready to venture out, to put this place behind you.

So crack open one of my books. Take to the heavens and let me shout this out to those who remain: "Watch out universe! Another Human is on the loose!"

Take care and I hope you have a great day!


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About the Series: HADRON
Experiments using the Large Hadron Collider produce the verifiable discovery of dark matter. Within days of this momentous accomplishment, Earth is inundated with wave after wave of intense electromagnetic radiation. Scientists haven't a clue as to why.

Globally, power systems fail and modern communications cease to exist. Civilization quickly falls into chaos as both food and freshwater supplies run short. All security becomes local. Survivors will be those who are willing and able to protect and feed themselves.

Small towns are cordoned off. City blocks become fiefdoms. Thousands of skirmishes take place on a daily basis in cities across the globe. Militaries, without clear orders from the top, take stand within their bases while only looking to defend themselves and their families. Without order, national governments cease to exist.

This first book in the HADRON series follows one group of citizens as they make every effort to overcome the madness that ensues. Little do they know, their fellow Man is not their true enemy. A sinister species waits in the heavens above. For those who remain alive, the term survival-of-the-fittest will take on an entirely new meaning...

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Hannes Birnbacher reviewed on June 23, 2016
(no rating)
Oh, great, a new Arseneault! Arseneault is the specialist for exciting fiction (have purchased a lot from him of the former series), and he does not disappoint in this novel. There is action, action, action.
The science part in "science fiction" in HADRON Dark Matter (considered by itself, without consideration of the following books of the series), however, is a fake. There is a world-wide power blackout, which is somehow attributed to an experiment at Swiss CERN. Without further explanation, this brings the spontaneous lineup of criminals tied with it and furthermore, government, military and police immediately cease all their activities.
The book lives from it's action, it's dialogues and people are portrayed credibly. There is, however, a bit too much violence for my taste. The good boys shoot the bad ones by dozends at one time, having thankfully just an armored mobile home with huge inventories of weapons and ammunition at hand, and for heavens sake, at one point stack the dead bodies in heaps of ten each at the roadside, for the coroner.
"Hadron" would get a rating of three from me, which is very high in my system (four and five being reserved for the best contemporary SF respective best literature of all ages) but for this excess of violence, therefore it's two stars noted in my computer. (For SF, I almost never give ratings in smashwords, because everybody else will give five stars for the pretty good authors and I found myself actually decreasing the average for those authors I liked best).
The last approx. ten pages are a sample of Hadron II, which is not too much (I had books where the actual text was a short story one tenth only, the rest always the same preview). Furthermore, the preview does not end with a cliffhanger, but does explain what Science Fiction plot the reader can at last expect from the series.
Thank you, Stephen.
(review of free book)
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