The (Secret) History of Gold Prospecting in the United States, and the 38 States Where Gold Has Already Been Found!

The U.S. Geological Survey conservatively estimates that there are over 13,200 metric tons of undiscovered gold in the lower 48 states worth more than $514 Billion dollars. This free eBook introduces the average American to a profound fact: with a basic introduction to the right tools and the free scientific resources available online, ANY American can find that gold! More
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About Tim Rapp

Timothy R. Rapp is an award winning former U.S. Geological Survey Scientist, a published technical author (Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4), and a degreed engineer with 13+ years of professional experience collecting geologic data, samples and reporting on natural resources for U.S. Federal agencies, Municipalities, and Private Industry. He has training and experience in the fields of Hydrology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Cartography, Numerical Modeling, and Petroleum, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering.

In 2007, with the crash of the U.S. economy (the Great Recession of 2007), I began researching gold prospecting. After 6 or 7 years of collecting information, study, and personal prospecting practice, it occurred to me that the quantity and variety of information that I had collected could be of value to others. I decided to organize and distill the thousands of pages of research into a practical guide to gold prospecting.

Much of the information in my eBook, "The Essential Introduction for New GOLD Prospectors, Second Edition" (available from's Kindle service) is unavailable from any other gold prospecting book. Most gold prospecting books can explain how to use a gold pan or operate a gold sluice, but they have little or no information to offer about how the gold arrived at that location initially. And knowing how the gold arrived there in the first place is the key difference between finding a few gold flakes and finding a $3.55 billion gold mine! Leaders and experts in the gold prospecting field have reviewed my book and given it the highest ratings possible.

It is my hope that Americans use my eBook as a starting point for finding economic and political freedom. There is a saying: "In our economy, if something is not grown, it must be mined." After some reflection, most people realize that this saying is ABSOLUTELY true! That is why uncovering and developing geologic resources is CRITICAL for the development of real wealth in our society! I believe for people to be free, they must have economic AND political power!

My book is dedicated to every soul who yearns for freedom!

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