Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth

Follow the evolutionary scientist Peter Turchin on an epic journey through time. From stone-age assassins to the orbiting cathedrals of the space age, from bloodthirsty god-kings to India’s first vegetarian emperor, discover the secret history of our species—and the evolutionary logic that governed it all. More

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About Peter Turchin

Peter Turchin is a scientist and an author who wants to understand how human societies evolve, and why we see such a staggering degree of inequality in economic performance and effectiveness of governance among nations (see Research Interests on http://peterturchin.com/). Peter’s approach to answering these questions blends theory building with the analysis of data. He is the founder of a new transdisciplinary field of Cliodynamics, which uses the tools of complexity science and cultural evolution to study the dynamics of historical empires and modern nation-states.

Peter has published two hundred articles, including a dozen in such top journals as Nature, Science, and PNAS (see Academic Publications on http://peterturchin.com/). His publications are frequently cited and in 2004 he was desginated as “Highly Cited Researcher” by ISIHighlyCited.com. Turchin has authored six books. The most recent include Secular Cycles (with Sergey Nefedov, Princeton, 2009), War and Peace and War (Plume, 2005), and Ultrasociety (Beresta Books, 2016).

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