Nikolas and Company Book 4: Fire of The Lionsbran

In the final Nikolas and Company book, Nikolas must lead the Huronite army against the gorgon horde, or the Merrows will perish. But without his friends, they don't stand a chance.

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About Kevin McGill

Kevin knew he liked this writing gig when 3rd grade classmates paid him two bucks for every story he wrote. Unbeknownst to him, the students turned in the stories as homework assigments (If Kevin had known, he would have charged double). His literary operations were exposed because the monkey scribble was undeniably Kevin's handwriting. Unless, it actually was monkey scribble. Kevin was cast into detention. But, being the industrious boy that he was, detention served as a place only to imagine more fantastic worlds. Today, his wife graciously listens as he reads wild stories about foul monsters, fire-breathing winged lions, and the mysterious voice of Huron city, which speaks only to its 14yr old steward, Nikolas Lyons. Kevin now welcomes you into his world.

About the Series: Nikolas and Company
Join Nikolas and his motley crew of friends as they time travel from an apocalyptic Earth to a fantastic moon thousands of years in the past. Nikolas will hear the call of a mysterious woman, battle evil drones, fly malfunctioning hover trucks, run from other-worldly monsters, witness the blue and yellow fire of blood-thirsty water dragons, and travel through space and time, as he seeks to save the Merfolk of the Eynclaene coast.

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