For Nothing

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Undercover cop Alex Vaughn goes deeper than ever into the organized crime family of Buffalo, NY. Motivated by justice and revenge, he seeks out the assassin that laid his friend Jack low.

Professional killer Rafael Rontego traverses the deadly politics of Buffalo’s mafia underbelly. In a city whose winter can be just as deadly as those wielding power, Rontego tries to stay ahead of the game. More

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About Nicholas Denmon

Nicholas Denmon studied English at the University of Florida. He started story telling from the moment he could talk and has spent a lifetime perfecting the art.

His life has been varied, giving him no shortage of material. Some of his unique experiences include growing up with a schizophrenic mother, having six brothers and sisters (of which he is the middle-younger child), a perfectionist father, an evil step-mother, a college life to rival Tucker Max, and working for politicians on the Presidential as well as local stage. He has been, at times, a devout Catholic, a closet atheist, and an honorary member of the Jewish tribe.

Nick's joy of art knows little in the way of limitations, as he loves unique paintings, music, acting, film, and of course writing.

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Alysa H reviewed on on Feb. 28, 2014

A nicely done, twisty-turny piece of Cops & Bad Guys fiction. I enjoyed the grit of this, the physicality, the identity questions plaguing the undercover cop, and the never quite knowing who to root for. The writing, overall, was sharp. I did have a few issues with the almost complete lack of female characters apart from one symbolic Pietà of a wife and one barely-seen hooker/girlfriend, however.

I have doubts as to whether the Old School Italian Mafia world depicted here still exists, but if it does, I can believe it would be in a place like Buffalo, NY. And besides, aren't all crime novels ultimately a form of fantasy?
(reviewed 11 months after purchase)
Orwell Jones reviewed on on Feb. 19, 2014

A Mafia crime thriller (my first) opens with a very graphic and descriptive scene of someone getting shot which drew me in immediately. Not because it was a shooting, I hasten to add, but because of the detail and the feeling it evoked.

Alex Vaughn, a New York police officer, saw his friend’s murder and wants revenge. So he goes undercover in order to infiltrate the crime family in Buffalo he believes responsible.

Rafael Rontego is the mafia’s hit man and the two men are on a collision course.

There’s lots of action, suspense and tension and the insight into the workings of the underworld is detailed and interesting if somewhat scary.

The chapters are written from the point of view of two characters which works well. The ending is a cliff hanger leading onto book two..


I was really surprised to learn this is a debut novel, the writing is so good. The details and descriptions make the story jump off the page, very visual and the characters are intriguing and decidedly believable.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Serie Lang reviewed on on Feb. 19, 2014

I mostly read romance novels but am trying more suspense and mystery/thriller
types and paranormal. Sometimes you just need a break from the typical romance.

I assumed this book was something different. I was not wrong there.
I thought it would follow a typical Mafia type blueprint-it does not.
Things just do not happen how and in the order you suspect them to. This is a good thing-keeps you on your toes and guessing as to what will happen next.

Liked reading about the loyalty amongst the Italians as I do have some friends that are Italian and the mark is close to home.
Very high detail-this would make a movie very easy to produce as it's all there for them.
It was easy to follow the characters as they were introduced even though some have different names, which is thoroughly explained. I love the injections of Italian into this plot. Just the right touch.
I liked the background on the players, and the scenery. You can tell the author did a lot of research on the topic.
Just when I thought the book was about to end i was wrong. It continued on with more twists and turns.
I did not see the ending as occurring as it did, WOW!

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because I could not read fast enough every day to finish it. There is never a dull moment and it's fast paced action and the words the author uses to describe what's happening I can say I was right there watching it all happen live.
Exhilarating and I can't wait to read another book by Nicholas. I will make sure all my house chores are done so I can read it within 3 days time. It is one of those types of books you do not even want to go to sleep at night, you'd rather read straight through.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Ralph Myers reviewed on on Feb. 19, 2014

This is my first time reading something by Nicholas Demmon. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I got so into the book that I fell behind on other things that I had to do.

The book has a great flow to it and it was not predictable like other mafia books that I have read. The ending was not my favorite and I may have gone a different route, but there were enough twists and turns that I was hooked and was left wanting to know more about the characters and what happens next.

Having been to Buffalo several times, I was brought back by the vivid descriptions and can tell that time and effort was put into the little details and in the research to create an accurate background and scene. The relationship and interactions between Alex and Rafael were extremely entertaining. Also, my brother in law is Italian and was able to verify some of the Italian references and the descriptions of the ways that they interact.

All in all, the ease of reading that captures you and brings you into the book making you forget that you are reading a story but as part of the scene is why I recommend this book to others. Looking forward to reading more from Nicholas, especially the next edition in this series.
(reviewed 3 years after purchase)
chris vander reviewed on on Feb. 19, 2014

I have read a lot of crime stories and undercover tales, but I think it's safe to say that this is my first Mafia Crime Thriller book. A long time ago, I would have steered clear of this type of book, although I did watch a couple of The Sopranos episodes before. Upon reading For Nothing, however, my perception of mafia related genre has changed. I am now actually a fan of this Mafia tale!

The story kicked off with Jack Benton getting shot at by a hired assassin. His friend, Alex Vaughn saw his sprawled body a minute too late. He vowed that he would avenge his friend's death and soon he went on an undercover mission. But he didn't know that he would be facing up and dealing with two of the most ruthless organized family crime syndicates in upstate New York.

I have never read a crime novel beautifully written with its gory details and gritty characters, with every scene craftily described and depicted. The characters, Alex Vaughn and Rafael Rontego were equally interesting and dynamic in their own rights. I actually found myself liking the villain, Rafael and even wanted him to be spared from the crime. I do't know, but there's something about him that made me root for him even if he was at the wrong.

The twist at the end of the story was something I wasn't expecting at all. The twist blew me away! Truth is, I have been captivated by Nicolas Denmon's writing prowess. He knows how to tickle his readers' imagination from the first chapter up to the last. He kept me reading until the end. Now, he makes me want to read the sequel. Of course, I will read the next book on the series. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie would have been so proud had they had the chance to read this stellar masterpiece.

The author Nicholas Denmon and the main character Alex Vaughn deserve my 5 star rating!

One of my favorite lines from the book:
That was all life really was, anyway. A series of moments that drifted on too fast; so fast that one could scarce enjoy them before they searched for the next.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Mireille Chester reviewed on on March 14, 2012

An undercover cop, a killer you can feel for, a mob story set in our time, and an author who is able to tell a story that captures you from the moment you start to read. For Nothing is a tale that grabs your attention and holds it until the last page.

Nicholas Denmon does a fantastic job of telling both sides of the story. I found myself wishing that Alex, the undercover cop, would get to the bottom of what was happening so that he could find the peace he sought. At the same time, I was rooting for Rafael, the mob assassin, hoping he'd manage to stay alive through this mob war. The twists and turns in this novel were many and surprising. More than once I set my Kindle down and thought, oh my god! Just when I thought I might have the ending figured out, boom! Nicholas dropped a new twist on me.

Another of the things I really liked about this story was the descriptions. I have never before read about a person being shot, the detail and feeling of it written so precisely, that I touched my chest, sure I knew what that character was going through.

And the ending! Really, Mister Denmon, it is not nice to end a story that way!! Thankfully, Buffalo Soldiers, the second book in this series is coming out March 20.

So, what did I rate this book? 5 stars with no hmmming or hawwwing needed. I can't wait for the second one to come out so I can see if my guess is right about the ending!

Memorable Moment:

Rafael continued his walk to the office. A block later he reached inside his long overcoat and pulled out a wad of twenty-dollar bills. Without breaking step, he snatched one out of his money clip, reinserted the wad, and folded the twenty into a smooth crease. As he rounded the corner of the block, there was an old beggar. Predictable. The man sent his cup up to Rafael. Rontego dropped the twenty into his cup and started to walk away. I don't shit where I sleep, he thought. As an afterthought, Rafael turned around and grabbed the man by the collar of his welfare duds. With a quick yank, Rafael stood nose to nose with the homeless man. "Take that money and eat something for fuck's sake! I swear to whoever you call God that you will meet him if I catch you buying a drink with that twenty."
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Jean Patton reviewed on on March 13, 2012

Wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but I really enjoyed this book. Had many twists and turns, but never got confusing, kept me glued to the end. Would recommend this book and this author.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
M.Sara Forleo reviewed on on Oct. 24, 2011


First of all, I start with saying that this isn't my usual genre. It was my first attempt to read a mafia book. Usually I try to avoid even mafia movies, though some I have seen (some bad, some good), like Donnie Brasco, it was a very good one (and Johnny Depp also got me so bad! Can you blame me for watching it?). But this book was A M A Z I N G !!! It really got me hooked and I was glued to the pages (virtual, since I was reading an epub).

My favorite character was Alex (obvious!): he also reminded me a little of Donnie Brasco/Johnny Depp. An undercover cop, pretending of being a mafioso. And I foud him sweet, determined, loyal, a good friend, good at heart... I loved him! I couldn't help but feel desperate with him when he found Jack's lifeless body... and feel so so sad for him when his wife Charlotte rejected him... and everytime he dreamed or remembered about past moments with her and their little girl Ella... it almost made me cry... (ok, I admit, once I have cried!). And then also when he thought of the times spent with Jack... I felt so sad :( And loved every desperate moment! Masochistic me, yeah, I know!

I also found myself loving some of the bad guys! I really didn't think I would have! I'm a good girl! But Sal and Jimmy weren't that bad after all... right? Oh well, doesn't matter.
It pained me, though, when Sal died. And what a death! Poor guy! Almost burned to death! It was heartbreaking when he begged Alex to shoot him. And I felt for Alex too. It showed he cared for Sal after all. Because he really wasn't that bad of a guy. It even pained me when Sal found out his son had died.

Another scene, among many, I liked was the fight that came out when the assassin, Rafael, got to Wizeguyz. God that was a hell of a bloody fight! Loved every second! Yes, I am a weird girl. So what?

About Rafael, the assassin... well, thre's so much to say, I don't know where to start and how to say it.. Some times I didn't like him, other times I thought after all he wasn't that bad... He even kinda "loved" a woman once... Maybe still loves her somehow... But he really is one of the bad, bad guys. So... not much to love about him, anyway...

The end... The end was WOW! I already knew it wasn't really the end and there's a 2nd book coming out soon. I knew it was unlikely that they caught the real assassin. But the way the assassin made clear his presence... made it clear he was still around... watching Alex and his family and his friends... I haven't seen that coming. It was unexpected. And creepy. And surprising. And amazing!
I can't wait to read the second book!
Nicholas Denmon is really an amazing writer! He always surprises me. Nothing was expected.

I enjoyed this book veeeery much!
And I recommend it to everyone!
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
C. N. Christophers reviewed on on Oct. 23, 2011

An odd cross between the Godfather and fantasy adventure book that somehow REALLY works.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
C. N. Christophers reviewed on on Oct. 23, 2011
(no rating)
An odd cross between the Godfather and fantasy adventure book that somehow REALLY works.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

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