The Click

“ 30 lessons that need to CLICK in your mind for personal and business success. " More

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About Joseph Houseworth

With this book I intend to give the gift of motivation, understanding, hope, and peace, to those who are bravely deciding to, or have already decided to, be great in this lifetime.
I hope everyone that reads this will do their best to help themselves by helping others. In an emergency on a plane, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, and then help others. Think of reading this book as taking care of yourself, to save yourself, and then be qualified to save others.
You will notice that each chapter, or subject focus, is short and clear. This book is not meant to stuff you with filler text.
My goal in writing this book is for you to prospect a gold nugget of information from every chapter and refer back to that nugget later when things have changed in your life. You will continually benefit from these lessons throughout your existence as you begin to see them from a multitude of angles.
Good luck and thank you for your bravery. You will save someone’s life one day from what you are about to learn.

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