The Simplicity of Faith

Faith is not just a Christian word but a humanistic state of mind. What you think you know may not be true. Much of what we think is fact, is only partially true or not true at all. Discover how to know for yourself, and how to decide what is fact or fiction. Good bad, right or wrong, we are fully capable of both. Is your "shadow self" real or an Illusion? Chances are it is only partly you! More

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About Keith Allan Goulet

Born thirteenth to a family of twenty-one children on the plains of northeastern Montana, life has not always been easy. Keith joined the Marine Corps at seventeen and served in Vietnam. In 1966, following the death of his father, he was Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps to help his mother raise the six youngest children. Barely old enough to care for himself, he became the provider and care taker of the family
Vietnam took its toll on the young Marine, both physically and physiologically, and eventually rendered him 100% disabled. In 2001, following a destructive decade in his life, he found solace in his faith returning to Montana. For eight years he managed a 4000 acre farm/ranch under the auspices of the Wild Rose Ministry he created in that same year. He referred to those years as his self-imposed exile. For nearly eight years he managed the farm for board & room only accepting no payroll for his work. He spent his time working on the farm, writing and fulfilling a young man’s dream of doing music. He recorded several musical CD’s and wrote several books during his free time. In 2009, he returned to the Pacific Northwest where he began research on this book, The Simplicity of Faith.

He says, “it was a long walk back to where I started, back to the days of seventeen year old young man”, back to the faith he once had, back to the love, compassion and forgiveness his mother taught him as a young boy. “It was a long journey, but I have finally arrived, to begin again”.
His first efforts was the Wild Rose Series, a series of three novels telling the story of Jonas Tower and his love for a his teen sweetheart who had tragically died at age seventeen. The story was based on his real life sweetheart who died in the early spring of 1967.
His next effort was the medical based science fiction novel First Earth, “The Genesis Factor”, a story of human evolution, and the beginning of a new species of humankind, a child born who had no biological father. It raised the question, “if the current species of mankind was to die out, who gets to decide what race would survive?”
In 2009, he began research on The Simplicity of Faith. It began as a soft approach to faith and salvation. After three rewrites it evolved into a three part understanding of faith, life, and survival. The pursuit of happiness, success and abundant life, the book became a new guide to living, and a fresh new look at Christianity and religion!

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