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Written by Jin Chan Shi (金禅师). Jin Chan Shi, Master Tan Kah Loo, Master Chan Hua Sin and Grandmaster Tan Seng Chor have been practicing Bazi and Fengshui for a combined period of almost a century. This book is to help beginners to absorb the most fundamental but important Fengshui techniques to transform their lives for the better. More
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About 金禅师

During the days of Communism in China, many masters of Chinese Astrology moved out of China and settled in different parts of the world. Those who remained in China decided to lie low and chose not to practice their art anymore and this was for obvious reasons.

Parents of the Late Grandmaster Tan Seng Chor (陈成礎大师) decided to migrate to Indonesia, therefore Grandmaster Tan was born and raised in Indonesia. Shortly after, he and his best friend, Mr Tong Djoe decided to relocate to Singapore to further their careers. Although both were extremely good friends, they chose different career paths. Mr Tong Djoe decided to go into business and Grandmaster Tan focused his attention to perfect the study of Bazi (八字). Bazi is an analysis tool developed by ancient Chinese sages thousands years ago. These ancient sages cumulatively spent more than thousands years observing the stars and events that happened on Earth, compared and exchanged notes, finally developing and refining an art that can be used to predict one’s destiny to uncanny accuracy.

Grandmaster Tan, through countless years of study, practice and consulting assignments, became an expert in Bazi analysis. Many people around South East Asia started to flock to him to seek his advice. His clients included CEOs of large Chinese companies, businessmen and many others. Sometimes he would organise a charity drive by offering his astrology service and arranged for the proceeds to go to charity. Words of his skill got around the South East Asia region and his popularity and fame increased dramatically during this period.

The Late Grandmaster Wei Qian Lee (韦千里大师), who was an extremely accomplished Bazi master and was very active in China and Hong Kong, heard of Grandmaster Tan’s skill and decided to pay him a visit to exchange some astrology pointers. After the exchange, both were very impressed with the each other’s skills. Both were of the same view that learning from books were never enough. Prediction skill had to be honed through countless practical engagements. In addition, one had to adapt to to the changing times, to benefit seekers from all over the world.

Before Grandmaster Wei went back to Hong Kong, he encouraged Grandmaster Tan to exchange pointers with a very old and advanced astrology master whom both addressed as Wenzhou Shu (温州叔 ). Wenzhou Shu was a very advanced practitioner in many forms of mystic astrology arts who decided to stay in Singapore, instead of China. He kept a low profile and only selectively taught those had the affinity to learn from him. On the advice of Grandmaster Wei, Grandmaster Tan visited Wenzhou Shu and after an exchange of knowledge, decided to learn from him. Both Grandmaster Wei and Grandmaster Tan decided to forge a partnership and bonded (结拜) as astrology fellows (师兄弟) under the tutelage of the highly advanced master Wenzhou Shu.

After Grandmaster Tan passed away, one of his children, Master (Mdm) Tan Kah Loo continued with the practice, together with her husband, Master Chan Hua Sin. Master Chan Hua Sin’s ancestors had been Avalokiteshvara disciples for more than two centuries and had to migrate to Singapore because of the Communist movement in China Both of them only provide astrology advisory to selected clients. Recently they decided to provide their advisory services online, hence the creation of this website.

With our century old Chinese Astrology lineage, the Fengshui 168 team is committed to helping our customers to transcend their potential and achieve more for themselves.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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