Dorothy Lyle In Avarice

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It’s easy enough to hide the fact that you are a powerful psychic when you’re leading a humdrum nine to five existence.
It’s not quite so easy when you find yourself in possession of a fortune, and suddenly find yourself catapulted into a strange new world.
That’s what happened to Dorothy Lyle on her 40th birthday. Find out what happened next. Welcome to the Miracles and Millions Saga. More
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About Ella Carmichael

I got the idea for M&M back in 2010. There was lottery fever all over Europe that autumn, yet at the same time there were photographs appearing in the papers showing hundreds of individuals standing in line for free lunches at the Bow Street mission house in Dublin. It was hard for me to make sense of it all, yet somehow I knew it was important.

Once I understood no publisher would touch me, I decided to go it alone. I am too old to sit around and wait for a letter that will never drop onto the doormat. I signed up with KDP and uploaded every completed manuscript. Then I did the same with Draft to Digital and also Smashwords. I have also used the Createspace programme to convert my files to paperback. I recently published a
small book of short stories called Coffee Tales which includes a section called Before the Lottery.
Happy Reading to you all.

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About the Series: The Miracles and Millions Saga
A contemporary tale that mixes love, violence, danger, wealth and the supernatural. The setting is Ireland during the years following the global economic crash of 2008.

Discover how a woman who has been flying below radar for decades become a household name.

Find out how a man who makes his living by violence morphs into the guy they all depend on and the best-known face on the planet.

It all awaits you in this epic saga of love, obsession, desire, revenge and bromance.

Also in Series: The Miracles and Millions Saga

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The Missus reviewed on on March 1, 2016
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Chick Lit this is not this is a story about a real woman!

The first book in any series is always a curious read; you know the writer is just beginning to lay the foundations and in Avarice both the writer and Dottie are just beginning to find their feet.

Carmichael speaks of her writing starting out as a form of therapy and I get that… Dorothy is full of all the real emotions and insecurities of a woman on the wrong side of forty.

The narrative rambles along with a soft Irish lilt and you cannot help but warm to Dottie, the majority of the narrative is written in the first person but Carmichael breaks it up by sharing Dorothy’s personal emails with her friends and I would say that one of the main things that has stood out for me is that if anything Avarice is a celebration of friendship.

In terms of readership the finger has to be directed at mature women and yes it is a female read but it’s not chick lit! This is one for those of us who like our female leads to be determined, because Dorothy Lyle is a strong minded woman with opinions, wisdom and real life experience.
Every forty something female needs to read this, especially if you are a mother… there are so many cast away comments that you will immediately identify with, it’s really is comforting to know you are not alone.

The Miracles and Millions saga is one woman’s adventure when she became rich beyond the dreams of avarice, this is book one and certainly worth dipping into! I am certainly tempted to read on, I need to spend more time getting to know Horace the hairy bear!
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russman reviewed on on Jan. 12, 2016

Dorothy Lyle in Avarice was not what I expected, it was better. This is the first book in a series. We meet our character Dorothy who is a psychic! Dorothy has decided to forego love in the sad world she lives in and work a 9-5 job. The day she turns 40 everything changes. She finds herself in a world of wealth and a world of trouble. This book was a great read and I definitely reccomend it!
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LaurenReads1 reviewed on on Jan. 10, 2016

Author Ella Carmichael has penned a most enchanting tale in Dorothy Lyle in Avarice. The Miracles and Million Saga is Book 1 in the series, centered upon central character Dorothy Lyle. I immediately connected to the protagonist, who is about as complex as any woman with the claim of solely wanting the simpler things in life to get to their happy. And much like the real word, she finds that wanting isn’t exactly the equivalent to getting. Carmichael does a great job of setting the tone in the mundane world of a nine to fiver, but the contrast is all in the adventures which commence as soon as Dorothy Lyle hits the tender age of 40 years old. No spoiler, but nothing will be the same on a life journey which includes psychic experiences, an unexpected shift in finances and dealing with a host of colorful characters responding to the biggest change that ever was along the way. I highly recommend this contemporary fiction read.
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