A Depraved Blessing

Rated 2.33/5 based on 3 reviews
When a UFO crashes into the sandy world of Evon, Roym Rosyth and his family must do all they can to evade the senseless transformations befalling anyone who becomes caught within the influence of the alien technology. With the number of safe havens disappearing as quickly as he can get to them, Roym can start to see that not only is his own survival coming into question, but that of his species. More
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Review by: James Jenkins on May 18, 2018 :
I read 12% before putting this down. A very mundane story with an huge event very far in the background. I did not enjoy what I was reading and could not see how the primary character could or would have any bearing on the large event.
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Review by: Hannes Birnbacher on Feb. 10, 2016 :
I regretted reading the book to the end. I waited for something to happen, but it did'nt. On the last page there is a hint that a sequel could be purchased.
I waited for some science fiction idea to show up, but it did'nt. There was no projection of actual social or technical developments in the future. The book makes believe it is SF by playing on an other planet but that one is just like Earth, complete with towns, trucks, oceans, ships, deserts and nuclear bombs. Life consists of breakfasts, grandpas, sons and daughters, jobs and love.
Some of the inhabitants of this earth II can exercise sorcery, which saves them to use bulldozers or explosives. This is not meant cynical; it is all what the concept of sorcery is used for in this book. What happens anyway? The action consists of biological warfare by a mothership and smaller spaceships from unknown invaders, spread by invisible monsters, but the microbes are nanoparticles which cause some type of rabies, changing human beings into zombies. This is the whole plot, thinned out to 272 pages. There is a little hint in the last sentence on the last pages that' s more to it, and you can learn about it if you pay 0,99 Dollars for the sequel.
Remark: there is some action in the novel, the author may have some writing talent. What's missing, in my opinion (I never gave only one star in my reviews before, I believe), is any trace of an idea or an interesting plot.
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Review by: Frank Lee on Feb. 8, 2016 :
Infection = Zombies! Personally I do not like zombie fiction. This author gives a new twist on the old zombie theme so if you like zombie fiction, you might like better than I did. It takes place on another world - which is remarkably Earth-like right down to websites, cell phones, blogs, trucks and vans, and military so it might as well be Earth. The infection is delivered in a different than usual way so I won't spoil it but for Zombie lovers, give it a read.
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