Before Madoff - The Forgotten Frauds of American History - Volume I

Taken from the all but forgotten pages of American history, Before Madoff brings alive the extraordinary rogues who perpetrated the most astonishing swindles, frauds and embezzlements of their day. Filled with marvelous illustrations, it is a stunning chronicle of fraudsters and their crimes, weaving these fascinating stories into the retelling of some of America’s most important historical events More

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About Edson Black

Edson Black is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Auditor, and Certified Public Accountant, with four decades of experience investigating frauds across the United States and in Western Europe.

Although Ed was educated as an accountant and received a bachelor’s in business administration from Adelphi University (Garden City, Long Island, New York), he has always immersed himself in American history, from his days as a youth reading American Heritage magazine to his current membership in the American Historical Association.

Professionally, Ed now spends his time writing his second volume of Before Madoff, managing his Web site, “,” and tending to his ongoing professional accounting and investigative work.
On the personal side, Ed regularly patrols his hometown as a sergeant in the local police reserve. He also spends most weekends with his grandkids, Osvaldo and Octavia, “making things” out of Lego blocks and Play-Doh.

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