Legend of the Stone: Chapter II

In this future the world has been destroyed by our own hands during the apocalypse war. The year is 3022, infant space age technology has developed as we were forced to move to the moon. Only getting water from chemical-contaminated water from earth. This might be our future, the start of an adventure that may have some insight to a further future. A science fiction story like not many others. More

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About L. R. Ballard

L. R. Ballard is an author of, Legend of the Stone: Chapter I, as well as a children's author from such work as, Leap of Faith (Non-picture version), Buddhist Boy (Non-picture version), and a few others. His background in religious philosophy as a hobby and creative outlets has made him ranged in his views and outlooks of always trying to find the truth about a story on both sides of a story. Very intuitive in getting the right stuff for his audience and always caring how it affects other people while caring about deeper things.

L. R.'s writing skills come from a good imagination and the ability to come up with unconventional thoughts. Instead of always using resources to understand something, L. R. looks for a trail of common sense that helps others appreciate an aspect of a story. Then helps people to understand rather than letting people think something that isn't true at all just for a headline. L. R. loves to make people think and to help them deal with the truth of a situation. Predictably he will ask you things to help you and not insult anyone unless they are intentionally being evil or a cup is over flowing with it.

On a darker note L. R. has had a pretty rough life and has a good idea of what hell feels like. L. R.'s dedication to God has left him going through trials and tribulations for 20 years starting in 2nd grade he was made fun of every weekday for five years straight by the vast majority of the class and it felt like the adults weren't on his side cause of poor grades, to get an idea of what that feels like, it's the equivalent of saying negative things at Obama, by the majority group in front of him and not stopping for his entire life. As you can imagine it isn't very nice considering children can take this better than adults could. Also suffering from depression and a mental illness called paranoia maybe caused by not trusting anyone, from that then going through feelings that are pain that feels like heavy burdened that he can't get out. L. R. can relate to people's pain pretty well having a very loving heart and knowing, doing good things doesn't pay right away.

L. R. is also convinced heaven is real from personal experiences and unless your mind is programed to put you through hell. L. R. considers social disbelief as a big ruse that the devil will mock you with for eternity unless you apologies for your sins to Jesus Christ. If you aren't going through pain the devil potentially considers you under thumb or you already have gone through a lot of pain. Either way L. R. stands at the gate of pain and tries to disable sin before it puts others through pain and hopes his pain expands his vision and goes to a good cause as hard as it is to accept the pain he's gone through. L. R. believes his pain and his unrelenting passion for God helps him see things clearly and doesn't judge, but warns people about things as a non-judging true friend. This makes him very creative and smart and bull headed, but genuinely cares about people thinking for themselves and hearing the truth and lessons of all stories. Spoiled people might count L. R. out, but he still fights for what's right, so please enjoy this unique view.

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