Winning the Race Among Nations for Economic Superiority

American politics is under siege. Why? Economic insecurity. But, the middle class is growing in many other developed parts of the world. How is that possible? As the author explains, based on his extensive international business experience, the rest of the world is much more strategic and long-term orientated. This book explains how the US can compete and win in the globalized world. More

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About M. K. Moran

During his professional career, M. K. Moran has traveled in over 30 different countries on six different continents. He has done business physically in 25 of those countries. Having spent literally years of his life outside the US, he has learned how the rest of the world conducts business and how they compete against the US. In fact, that’s what drove him to write 'Winning the Race Among Nations for Economic Superiority'. He is deeply concerned that the rest of the world has improved upon America's economic model, and that the US has been slow to respond. His book explains how the world has evolved, and what America will need to do to change to catch back up.

Trained an engineer, he has been implementing advanced technology solutions to improve manufacturing operations in over 50 oil refineries and chemical plants throughout the world. As his career has progressed, he has transitioned into more business-related roles, especially marketing, given his excellent communications skills.

He’s written and published numerous industry articles, as well as giving presentations at industry conferences. 'Winning the Race Among Nations for Economic Superiority' is his first officially published book. However, like many indie authors, it’s not the first book he has written. A veteran of Toastmasters, he’s available for paid presentations to groups. You can visit his website, for more details.

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