Pretty Hate Machine

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A maverick detective, a Gonzo journalist, and a porn star fight to expose the federal government’s involvement in the worst schoolyard shooting in history while a super-secret strike unit infiltrates the center of the cyclone, the factory where little girls are turned into suicide juggernauts and unleashed. More

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About Don Templeton

DON TEMPLETON is the pen name for the lead writer and founder of the publishing confederation, Blue Falcon Press. He is also the author of four Executioner novels published by Gold Eagle Books (#262, #264, #266, and #276). For the last 20 or so years, Don has been under deep cover inside U.S. Special Operations living the dream and spying on his primary subject matter: soldiers. Don is from the Hemingway School of Writers - a writer has to live his story before he can genuinely write anything of value. That means jumping into Life and getting into a fight with Life. Don has the life scars to prove his bona fides. He has survived 100-plus airborne operations (most of those mass tac with the 3rd Ranger Battalion of the Iran-Contra era), the meat grinder of Special Forces selection (twice - twice is his favorite number), the Q Course where he outwitted alpha boy tab protectors with superior gray man tactics, and went to war with the best ODA the National Guard ever fielded, the Happy Reapers. This background lends volumes of authenticity to the over-the-top novels he writes because he has lived this material.

NOTICE: Don is openly looking for other crack pulp writers that want to contribute to this dark and beautiful Dream Time word painting.

About the Series: Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK
Section G, S-2 (Intelligence section) of the Combined Arms Group (CAG) -- the unacknowledged special access program (USAP) code-named GREEN MAJIK -- has uncovered alarming information about the true nature of this global threat to humanity. It is no secret among the scholars of the Third Reich that Hitler's inner circle were heavily involved in the occult and black magick. However, Himmler's Thulists were not worshiping dark Teutonic deities. The truth is much worse. This will be briefed at length at a later date. Suffice to say that New England gothic horror writer HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT wasn't just writing Amazing Pulp Tales.


Review by: Literary Titan on Feb. 4, 2017 :
Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK, Pretty Hate Machine, written by Don Templeton, is a high paced action novel that begins with a suicide mission of a nine year old girl, Sadie Hawkins.

Soon after, during a homicide investigation, a phone call regarding a hard drive captures the attention of Detective Jack Carnahan; a man who teeters on the edge of breaking the law in order to capture the crooks. Through a twist of fate, the detective finds himself teaming up with an unlikely duo to expose an unimaginable terror that will shock the world.

Homeland Security, the FBI, alligator farmers and hypnotherapists intertwine in a race against time to find the truth before a terrible secret is unleashed.

Be prepared to cancel all prior engagements as this action packed, edge of your seat novel is a story you will not be prepared to put down. From the suburban streets of Colorado to the headquarters of police in Denver comes a tale of power-puff dressed, mini sized suicide attackers, Charlie's Angels themed police officers, prostitutes and detectives who will withdraw a glock the moment strife arises.

Not for the faint hearted, the tone of the story is set with the opening chapter exploring a nine year old girl's suicide mission within her school yard. Enthralled instantly, the reader is left to question what could possess such a terrifying act of horror. On the other side of town, Detective Jack Carnahan stumbles across a home invasion of a UFO crazed family man and soon finds himself working with unlikely allies- an acid addicted journalist and a perky prima donna porn star. The action will keep you on your toes as Carnahan races against time to discover what the connections could be between the brutal homicide and the suicide school yard mission. Not everything is as it seems and Carnahan dives deep into a storm of lies, deceit and ultimate evil.

Don Templeton has a remarkable talent in which he is able to paint a picture with his words and I easily envisioned his characters from the innocent Sadie to the curious hypnotherapist, Buffy Rayburn. The characters are introduced intermittently and together they form the pieces of an intriguing conspiracy puzzle.

Each character delves from unique circumstances. From thugs to hypnotherapists and journalists to prostitutes, every reader will find themselves a character who they adore.

My favourite character, Mallory Hammond, takes you on a journey into the swamps of Louisiana where she is investigating a gang of alligator farmers. Here she discovers a secret that will take you to the depths of your nightmares. Her co-workers perceive her as crazy and a somewhat introverted FBI agent however circumstances transform her from caterpillar to butterfly- a butterfly that is a sexy, capable, tomb raider style fighting machine who demands respect and admiration.

Don Templeton's vivid imagery often evoked strong emotion through themes of violence, action and comradery and Jack Carnahan’s bravery and thirst for the truth will leave the readers hungry for more. From rescuing scantily dressed teenagers to stumbling across botched cover-ups, Templeton takes you on a whirlwind adventure which leaves you wondering, who can you really trust?
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