Malakhim Volume 5: Super Human

Ben couldn't save Nathan, when the angel needed saving. As usual, he couldn't do anything on his own. Now, Ben's getting stronger. He's not powerless anymore. He's learning to move the world the way angels do. A little dead boy entrusted with celestial might. What could possibly go wrong? More
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About Aleph

Please visit us at for lots of information about the Malakhim series. It is a labour of love, built out of bits of the world's mythology and the personal mythology of one slightly addled but good-hearted artist. It is a cryptic love letter to the lost and lonely, it is a supernatural horror story, and above all it is the story of one lost little boy. Reader discretion is advised, the language is uncensored and the violence can be painful. We adhere to no particular religion but try to respect them all to the extent we know how. Our angels are not intended to represent, nor affront, any faith. They are what we see when we peer behind the curtain, and nothing more. These are our dreams, our nightmares. Come and share them for a while.

Aleph is the pseudonymous author of the Malakhim stories, and their original creator.

We do not intend any confusion with anyone else using the pseudonym. It was quite uncommon when Aleph first used it as an artist in 1994 out of an affinity for the ideas it represented (tied into the idea of an ox as a work animal among other things) and its endurance through many iterations and many transformations. Since then, many properties have found it fashionable to name a character or product after the first letter in humankind's oldest alphabets, and who can blame them? But we intend no confusion between our artist and anyone else.

There is no intended reference between Aleph's chosen pseudonym and any mystical/scriptural/other materials beyond the idea of the letter itself and its origins, and its relationship to the ox. Oxen in general are very special to her, as many references within the text indicate.

Inquiries for Aleph should be sent through the general webmaster address at the site. Aleph used to respond to each personally, but unfortunately that policy has been much abused. We appreciate feedback, but will ignore heckling entirely. Life is too short for us to put up with that, especially Aleph's.

About the Series: Malakhim
The war of Heaven, through the eyes of a child.

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