Cocytus: Planet of the Damned

Kidnapped and taken to a harsh, alien landscape, Dante Carloman and Tina Phokas must do whatever it takes to survive and escape their captors, including making friends with men and women from all over the world who have all been held captive, an artificial intelligence of questionable origin, and clones designed to emulate and destroy the human race. More

Available ebook formats: epub

About Insomnia Publishing

Insomnia Publishing was born out of a conversation between two friends in college. In 2007 E. Prybylski and R. Belanger attended college at Southern New Hampshire University. Belanger, a business major, was discussing how wonderful it would be to be able to take all his creative friends and somehow make a business with them. Prybylski, a history major, agreed it would be fun.

Several years, and much industry experience later, Prybylski contacted Belanger and they reminisced about their old dream. Out of that conversation Insomnia Publishing began to take form.

Understanding the direction the publishing industry has been going as of late, Insomnia decided to distance itself from the traditional publishing model in some ways. Authors will be acting as partners during the publishing process. While the publisher, being that they are investing in the author, retains control over the process we want the author to be involved in what is going on. This means regular updates, personal attention, and having the opportunity to provide input on things like cover design and layout.

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