Episode 9 - Regret's Assassin

Soldiers - Season 1: Episode 9: Regret's Assassin. A Bitesize 1-hour read.

Regret has destroyed Schiller's train and Big Bertha is stranded. A sitting duck.

All he has to do is get past the 400 infantry and artillerymen guarding it.

Schiller has finally dropped his delusions of chivalry and honour and sends for a friend to rid him of Regret. And his friend has never failed. More

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About Leigh Barker

I write about heroes... so am I a hero? I would be if I had to be... honest! I once saved a cat from a tree - okay, it was a small tree, an apple tree in fact, but everyone knows size doesn't matter.

I’ve been a Merchant Navy sparks, and a salesman (I was hopeless), but mostly I've been a fiction writer (but that doesn't make me a bad person).

Being a sparks was cool – Radio Officers are…err.. officers. I was on a cargo/passenger ship and got to wear a white uniform and have huge dinners with the passengers.

The really good thing was that the sparks goes off duty the moment the ship picks up the Pilot, whose job it is to steer the ship through dangerous waters or into harbour.

We went to the Far East (Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia... the Far East then), and the Pilot was needed for the whole time we were there. So I was off duty for a month, and got to see all these places for free! Okay, got robbed in Hong Kong, but that was my fault for not paying attention - oh and got robbed in Manila, but he was armed with a really big gun, so that was okay.

I had to leave, because I was getting fat (apparently fat is bad).

Back home, I had to earn a living - as all the money-for-nothing slots had been taken by z-list celebs. I became a salesman. Why in God's name, I know not. I went through a one-year intensive training program and was let loose, selling electronics to industry. I was absolutely useless at it - I couldn't handle the rejection, and wanted people to like me. Neither of which fit well with a sales role.

I ran away.

And now I'm a fiction writer. I have over 65 stories (novels and short story series).

At first I wrote ‘regular’ novels; Eden’s Last Hero, Winterwood, and A Whisper of Armageddon, and they were very successful (yippee!) - but we’re all changing the way we read so my latest stories reflect that change.

Clan, The Hellfire Legacy, Soldiers, and Requiem for Eden are all released as one-hour Bitesize Reads. They’re complete Episodes, with a start a middle and an end. And every episode ends with a huge cliffhanger, just like a Saturday Matinee!

Do readers like this format? Yes, yes! Since releasing Season 1 of Clan, tens of thousands of readers have bought it, people who enjoy a great adventure just like I do. And the same is happening with Season 1 of both The Hellfire Legacy, Soldiers, Requiem for Eden…and to Clan Season 2.

It looks like there’s a lot of people out there who want to read adventures, but don’t have time to read a 500-page novel, yet still want a complete story.

Me too! And I’m loving writing these, so thanks to all my readers. I really appreciate being in the company of people who love real Saturday Matinee cliff-hangers that keep you on the edge of your seat!

Yes, I write about heroes who are larger than life and great fun.

About the Series: Soldiers
It's the very start of the Great War - the War to End all Wars - and Sergeant Regret has been given an impossible mission by the British High Command - find the howitzer, Big Bertha, and destroy it.

Between his squad of 8 Expeditionary Force men and his mission is the whole German army advancing across France towards the sea.

There is no choice, no way out for them. If they fail, the monster gun will be turned on their comrades and the war will be over before it has even begun.

But they also know they cannot succeed - but someone should have told Regret

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