Positive Parental Communication

Become a verbal ninja and power up your parenting! This book delves a little deeper into the art of parental communication. Understand how your child's mind works with regard to communication and use the advanced verbal skills this book offers to develop a more meaningful bond with your child. More
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About Alan Johnstone

Hi, I am Alan Johnstone. In the last 12 years I have spent most of my waking time helping people overcome emotional difficulties developed in their childhood. I have decided to tackle some of the causes of these emotional difficulties by writing educational books. Books also allow me to move past helping one person at a time. A book can help countless people. It is for this reason that I chose to become an author.

Parenting is a massive undertaking and has many aspects to it. In my books I do my best to provide parents with the advanced communication skills they may need to ensure that they leave a beneficial and lasting legacy in the life of their child.

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About the Series: Smart Stories
These five books offer parents of children aged 2- 6 years skills that are not readily available socially. The first book "Positive Parental Communication" offers parents verbal and linguistic skills which provide a parent ways in which to positively influence their children.

Furthermore, this book also offers parents an insight into how stories, as metaphors, can be used to help children alter behaviour and emotional response. Techniques from the fields of hypnosis and NLP are provided to parents in this book. The four other books in the set are each a working example of how such stories are created and provide notes as to the techniques used linguistically. Each book builds on the skill set of the one before. A recording of each story is also available so that a parent may understand the manner in which these stories are told.

The author realises that it is not possible to provide a complete paediatric hypnotheraphy skill set by means of these books, but offers them to parents, child therapists and teachers, in the hope that they may recognise the value of such a skill set and determine to advance their knowledge of such.

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