Hammer of Humanity

Hammer of Humanity is a twisted tale of retribution blossoming into bloody fruition after several centuries in the making. The story is inspired by the atrocious religious persecution during the 15th century across Europe of alleged practitioners of witchcraft. More
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About Allen Robinson

Epic action-packed journeys comprised of unavoidable conflict, uncertainty, and personal triumph isn’t just the kind of narratives Allen enjoys crafting— But also, elements that emulate his life. As a soldier-turned-professional-writer, Allen has captivated readers and writers alike with his experiences and tales that blur the lines between fiction and possibility. His works often venture into the unimaginable truths hidden within age-old legends, myths, and disturbing conspiracy theories. Allen graduated from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment in 2016. He currently resides in Orlando as a freelance writer working to bring his stories onto a box office screen near you.

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