Riding Lightning Beyond the Barrier and into the Future

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This story is based on true events.
We decided to do something about global warming and create a new power source based on Zero point energy to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and nuclear waste to save our environment. This was electrical in nature and the Greys had given away its secret inadvertently to me. More
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I was born in France and at the age of 2 it was then when my parents immigrated to the U.S.
Everything in my story up to about chapter 15 or so or when we used that Beechcraft plane is true but it is all so hard to prove. So I put in here just a little of the proof of the paranormal events I have managed to collect over the years and the stories/anecdotes that I have gathered that I know are true and that I have witnessed during the course of my life.
The Bible is not clear on what happens to those who are not taken up or who are not martyred, it not clear about those who are Christians who are not killed off, who still are sinful but are against all that is not truly democratic and free, those who will protect what is sacred to them which is their lives, their beliefs, and about those who see and are still rebels that never take the mark of the beast and still remain Christians no matter what. We are those who warn you with no other intentions other than there’s still time right now to change and fix what is wrong with us and the wrongs we do to the planet and each other. So now because we have been weaved in with nature in an intimate way it becomes totally foolish to not take care of our world and place because it is going to be a death sentence as proved throughout history and through all the extinctions that have happened since we now have a greater understanding of the causes of those extinctions.
The world is still here today but can be gone tomorrow and if we can’t change in today’s world, tomorrow’s world will be gone; there is no doubt in my mind about that. This story is about what we would do if we try when it’s too late, because of greed in the world, but I have given an image of one out come with a unselfish advancement. So by the grace of God for the truly honorable at heart that might deserve a new start what they will face if it is possible, I present this story.

I have always thought that many people have thought this way about our situation when watching the news about the evils in the world and how there are many here who thought,
“If I could only get into a space ship and leave here, start over on a new world without all the corruption!”
I know I have, and the things that I know and have witnessed, make me think that it is possible and that certain advancements have being stifled. As I wrote this I realized the story is huge I will continue it because even before I know the next logical steps people involved in it will or could take, I will write it as I live it because I know it is possible for all these things to take place and maybe they will or have. So the question is, did a paradox happen just because I wrote this? We’ll see, because the truth is stranger than fiction, It seemed as I wrote this, I lived it too.
I have to give kudos to Gene Roddenberry, Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov and so many others, they were those special people who could see this and outline this in a way that we all could understand and we learned from their examples there is always hope. They helped to engrave it in our hearts, and they were way ahead of their time with immaculate visions that was now more like intuition, they were which is now apparent, visionaries.


Review by: Stephen1966 on Aug. 20, 2016 :
This was an excellent story that had me wanting to keep reading. It is so fascinating how clearly you have linked the fiction with fact with a depth of spirituality. The inclusion of how time is not always experienced at the same rate is a thought provoking topic on its own and I thoroughly enjoyed your effort, so thank you.
I hope your book gets a high rating and is read by many more as I am sure they will find it extremely worthwhile.
I was the first to add you as a favourite author and I eagerly await the next book in the series.
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