The Aha Moment!

This book is a compilation of life experiences of several women from different age groups, culture and religion. The idea is to inspire Teen Girls and Young women to become the best they can be.

The purpose is to get a broad story of what each woman wished they knew when they were young. Clearly, different people experience different issues and challenges in life, so a broad base of knowledge i More

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About Florence Fasan

Florence Fasan is a certified career coach, image and etiquette consultant. She founded the company Flo-Fix Image Consulting in 2009 from her passion for fashion and appearance. In her walk to be purpose driven she started a group Image Without Abuse on Facebook to empower women. She has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management from Strayer University.

Florence Fasan offers consultation to women in domestic violence shelters by empowering and helping them gain their confidence. She also assists the shelter with clothing and personal needs.

Florence also specializes in image and etiquette for youth. Her determination to “catch” the kids early to groom and prepare them to lead, has made this a success. She holds seminars and workshops to assist them in being the best representation of them self in this fast era.

Florence currently lives in Atlanta where she raises her two children.

Her burning passion to find answers that will help others thrive is her purpose for this compelling, inspiring, and thought provoking book.

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