Take Control of Your Art Business - Book 1 in the LEAP Art Marketing Series

Do you struggle selling your art or creative services? Then this short ebook gives you a different view on how to show - and sell - your work. More
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About Martin Stellar

Business coach for ambitious artists and creative professionals.

Destroyer of the 'starving-artist-myth'.

Prolific writer. Marketing educator. Practitioner of sales magic. Singer. Ex-monk. Psychology fanatic. Passionate lover of art.

My motto: Art makes and defines culture - are you selling yours yet?

Yes, I'm serious. You as an artist have a moral and ethical duty to get good at selling your art. If artists don't sell their work, corporations step in and sell us their formulaic and profit-driven pseudo-art. Are you listening, Hollywood?

Art can make you a living - a very nice living indeed. But it does require that you take your art-business seriously, and act the part. In other words: the emancipated artist (from latin: mancipium=slave) knows that he or she is responsible for visibility, exposure, and sales.

You don't need galleries or critics to give you permission, and you don't need gatekeepers or permission-givers to sell your art.

All that you need is to wear the entrepreneurial hat - meaning treat your art business as the business it is - and discover for yourself which methods are most fun and most profitable for you to grow your audience, your fanbase and your sales.

My books and seminars and coaching are meant to help you with that: for you to discover how to have fun doing your marketing and sales.

About me: I used to be a monk, and in the monastery I became a high-end tailor, making luxurious handmade suits. After the monastery I started a tailoring company, and I figured the high quality of my work would sell itself and I didn't need to do any marketing.

That turned out to be a very expensive mistake: no matter how good your work is, it's damn hard to sell it if you don't get your work out there and in front of people who are interested.

Lesson learned, I started to study marketing, and I discovered that not only is there nothing wrong with ethical marketing, it's also a truckload of fun to show up, show your work, and build relationships with people.

I spent a few years as a copywriter, creating marketing texts for businesses, until I fell in love with art and discovered that what I really want is to help artists discover the fun in marketing. I fired all my copywriting clients and dedicated myself to working with artists. I haven't looked back since.

Again: art is what makes and defines culture. Are you selling yours yet? Are you making a good living at it?

If not, my books will help.

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