Letters to Laura

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"Coming out of the closet, losing your virginity, and grieving your 'first love' are not supposed to all happen in the same year, but for me they did... and I am unbelievably grateful." - A woman whose courage may help you heal More

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About Wesley Rivers

Wesley Rivers is a no–nonsense individual with a strong disgust for fruitless endeavors. However if you point out how whimsical she can be, she will simply smile and reply: “but with a purpose.” Wesley never avoids being brash when it’s needed, determined to see herself through her own heart rather than anyone else’s. She finds staring into one’s own darkness to be very therapeutic and so shies away from stories, movies, or entertainment that hinges too heavily on formulas, trope–ing, or “feel good” material.

Wesley is enthralled with Asian pop culture, expressing her adoration for anime, K–pop and historical Asian folklore on a daily basis. Much of her inspiration comes from the various art forms of these cultures. She adores foxes and often times plays with the idea that she is indeed the reincarnation of a Kitsune (Japanese nine–tailed fox Yokai).
Being part of the community herself, Wesley has strong ties to LGBTI advocacy and social activism. She will also be the first to admit that she finds two men engaging in sexual acts to be too stunning for words, never hiding that she hopes to come back in the next life as a gay man “…in a better world of course.”

She is a dedicated minimalist, quoted saying… “The hoarding of things is death to all the experience life can offer.” Wesley Rivers adores the refinement of tea; she believes there to be more culture in a bag of tea leaves than in the entire world. Wesley sees no difference between children with fur and children without, having five fur–babies: two cats and three dogs. She believes all life matters and the idea that some matter more is primarily what’s wrong with the world.

Bio blurbs like this make Wesley cringe, mainly because she despises being tied down or forced to represent herself in a certain way. Loving change for the sake of change, her work spans several genres.

“Being pinned to one genre or style is the equivalent of staying in the right lane, going 20 miles an hour. It gets you there, but in the most boring way imaginable. Writing is my way of landing on the moon, flying with angels, fighting dragons, doing the impossible.”
–Wesley Rivers

Wesley Rivers is charmingly cocky beyond reason, willful beyond words, and warm beyond understanding. She is a spitfire for the ages, but still classy as fuck. Wesley embodies the idea that we don’t have to define or identify ourselves with petty human concepts, but instead we can embrace each present moment—the NOW—and just BE.

“Let your DO be playful, and your You just BE.”
–Wesley Rivers

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Lisa Menear reviewed on April 22, 2016

I'm not sure if I have the right words to describe this amazing book. What an absolutely great talent. Wesley, thank you for taking us on a great journey and letting us live through your pain and also your success. I really enjoyed this so very much and look forward to the next adventure.
(review of free book)
Frannie Cheska reviewed on April 2, 2016

Okay, you know how when you get your heart-broken you have so much anger, hate, sadness, all

pent up that you don't know what to do with it? Then 10 days later, 2 weeks later, 8 months later

you think of all the things you could've...should've said, and the regret that you didn't say them

holds you down. Then you sit there, staring at that dot on the ceiling and you have no choice but

to contemplate all the horrible things you did say.

Oh yeah, you know. We all do.

In all honesty, I loved this. The author takes us through a journey that we've all been on, (or at

least one that I've been on) but she took me all the way to an end I never thought I'd reach.  There

were at least two phrases per letter that I highlighted just because I want to come back to it.  I

could re-read those phrases over and over and they’d still bring me some kind of satisfaction.

Sometimes it was the feeling that I am not alone in heartache "But today... I missed you. The kind

of missing felt when someone has died and you know you'll never see them again, they're forever

beyond your reach." My God, if that didn't hit me right in the gut. I remember one of the few

times my heart was broken; I looked to my side while laughing at something, and they weren't

there. Just like that quote, it was one of the ugliest feelings I'd ever had.

The descriptions of when the pain was still fresh and so real, I felt it too. The author has a way

with words, where I can relive certain moments with her, the details so embedded in my mind I

am left thinking about them long after I've read about them. Then there are the other times, the

times that aren't as bad and you start to realize that all the effort it's taken and all the pain you've

been feeling is just not worth it; it's too exhausting. So exhausting you start to understand and

accept that it just didn't work out.

I commend this author for her strength and logic. There are certain places where the sadness and

bitterness shine through the words. To me, it doesn't come off as nagging or whiny, but realistic.

As a reader, I don't think I could believe it had she been only happy and understanding.

I feel like the parts where she is most accusing and upset are my favorite. They are thought-out

and mature, never immature or spontaneous. I wish I could've been this mature in my past. "You

desired someone to hide with you. If I was being outspoken or opinionated or openly passionate,

I was a threat to your well-constructed little hiding shelter."  BAM!!!! How many times did I

think about this?!?

I'm telling you, it's like the author went into my heart and took out everything I wanted to say to

that one person but either never knew how or never had the right words. It just got to me on so

many levels. I will share some of my favorite lines just to give you an idea of how and why I

loved this:

 "I will no longer defend myself to anyone. I won't hide. I won't scream. I won't be

ashamed... I just need to accept me." You go! Hear you roar!

 "Unconditional love is not a challenge, it is not something you can earn." Can everyone

share this with everyone? Please?  Thanks.

 "We are both open people with brave souls" Hell yes we are. 

 And "You're hiding even now. Behind the lies you tell about me ...behind a well-

established hate campaign...." Why is this so familiar? and YASSSSS! Mmm, it hurts so


I really like how this worked backwards. I don't know if that's what the author intended but I like

that we got to know the author before we got to know how it all went down. For a second there I

thought the ex messaged her back and said "oh hell no." Part of me is screaming "NO. NO! You

were right! You shouldn't have known better, you're human! Forget her!" sigh. So many damn

emotions right now.

Without giving too much away, I have to say that the fact that it was only a relationship of four

months makes me so sad. Okay, the fact that I said 'only' defeats my point! Because it’s not that

it was such a short time. In fact, it proves that in even that short amount of time there was clearly

so much pain and that so much of this person was fully invested in a relationship where she

deserved better. It really makes me think of all of us and how we deserved better at one point.

Now that I'm done, I don't even know what to say. I feel so much and I even feel a little bitter

myself. Ha! Although this is not a self-help book, I kind of see it like that. In my opinion, that's

not a bad thing, I LOVE THOSE. The reason I say this is because it did help me get over

something I thought I had already gotten over. Crazy. Maybe this just forced me to go back to a

place I didn't want to go back to...for obvious reasons. But I feel good about it now, and I am so

happy with the way this ended, my favorite being "I saw you and I didn't die." Right?!

Well, I highly recommend this to everyone who has been hurt, who thinks they are better, and

everyone who enjoys ALL THE FEELS. I'll leave you with my favorite quote from this book:

"Sincerely, A woman who is grateful that you broke her heart."
(review of free book)
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