I Am... Subject To Change Without Notice (Book One)

A candid journey through a tumultuous time in the writers life- walking through changes of self discovery. More
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About Cheri M Bauer

Author Cheri Bauer was born in Canada, and is currently residing in British Columbia, Canada. She has studied several fields of interest and has used her life experiences as a constant teacher. Growing up (and living) in poverty has been a driving factor for her to address changes which need to be made; educating people on how to help, as well as bringing awareness about various issues surrounding our current system.

Cheri is also a multi-disciplinary artist with a few pieces around the world (textiles, tattoo art, paintings). She has been a part of a professional exhibition in Penticton, B.C., at the Penticton Art Gallery, which addressed bullying ("Styx & stones")- supporting awareness by adding two of her [art] pieces.

Her first book "I AM... Subject to change without notice" (book one, in the series) is A candid journey through the issues of being raised in a Religious home, and a society which felt foreign and detached from her. Among such discussions are the issues addressed about being queer; the dichotomy in her thoughts about being expected to live up to different beliefs, values and views of people while having her own different beliefs and different views on life. The author writes about charting a voyage to break free from the guilt and confusion of the fundamentalist programming from her childhood, and delves into some often times strange waters of the self help industry. This book looks at a variety of topics: The Law of Attraction, Paranormal phenomena, Science, Mysticism, Poetry, Philosophy, and many more curious surprises.

The second (of the series)is a personal look at the 'Law of attraction' and experiments conducted by the author. A surprisingly profound book written by a newly emerging writer. Speaking to the questions of life that most of us ask at one time or another - "Who am I?", "Why am I here?", "How do I make a life that I choose to live?", "What really is the purpose of life?", "Do humans really have a hidden power?" (as well as countless other questions). The author sets out to truly understand and explore the deep mysteries, while managing her own personal doubts. Highly candid and honest, this book is a remarkable journey into the "Create your own reality" theory. Filled with in-depth analysis of thoughts, psyche, perceptions, and programmed beliefs. This book is about being yourself, acknowledging your own unique gifts and perspectives.

Her third book (in the series) is due out this winter, and addresses the issues of our system- and how to open up a new way of living which would bring vitality to all people (rather than a chosen few).

She also has a fiction series in the work which is slated for release (hopefully) in late 2016.

"I am an artist, writer, and creative person. That means a licence for passion and craziness, right?!".

"As far as life goes... I am just winging it - like most people, a work in progress."

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