Outnumbered Volumes 1-6, The Zombie Apocalypse Series

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Some say zombies started with the black magic of witch doctors in Africa or the Haitian bokor sorcerers and their curses. Still others claim a virus caused them. We watched TV and the internet in horror as the undead swept across Europe. Then the aberration manifested itself on the coastal cities of the US. By then the authorities couldn't hide the enormity of the disaster; it was colossal More

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About Robert Schobernd

Robert Schobernd has published nine novels and two short stories. His favorite genres are hard core crime, but he ventured to the horror genre with a short story and a zombie apocalypse tale. Robert and his wife live NE of St. Louis, Missouri, where he pursues his passion for writing.

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I. Readalot reviewed on on July 21, 2017

Just when I thought I’d read every variation on the zombie apocalypse genre there was I have Outnumbered recommended to me. I was intrigued from the first several pages all the way through to the end. It wasn’t far out Sci-fi or really gruesome horror. Tom and Kira were captivating in their relationships with each other and the other survivors. Exceptional story from start to finish.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
Rable reviewed on on June 15, 2017

Outnumbered is a good read that made me think about the issues it raised. Religious belief was handled sensibly and showed the good and bad sides of it. There are good guys and bad guys, good women and bad women. After I started reading it was hard to take a break. There’s a lot of violence, but it seems appropriate to the situation.
(reviewed 34 days after purchase)
SCader reviewed on on June 1, 2017

Talk about a bleak future. After the first chapter, I was hooked. What the Outnumbered survivors experienced would test the mettle of any group of humans. I liked that not all of the original cast were immune to injury and death. It was realistic that they suffered mental issues and bled just as in real life. There are new twist to the zombies that I’d not read about before, quite imaginative. Who could have imagined zombies having babies or evolving into fast moving undead? I hope there is a follow-up series that covers the continuing apocalypse as the survivors lives spiral downward to a previous age.
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
Lillith Dunn reviewed on on May 19, 2017

I liked it a lot, couldn't stop reading. Hope there will be others like this from this writer.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
NoraLee1 reviewed on on May 16, 2017

Tom Jacobs and Kira Schafer are the lead characters in this book. They fall in love while fighting the ever-present zombie hordes that attack relentlessly. She is a victim of sexual abuse by the leader of a band of rogue humans and emerges as a force to be reckoned with. The relationships of all the survivors is the most important factor of this story and is presented well. One scene I recall vividly involved two humans in the distance being chased by a horde of zombies. The human couple, she clearly pregnant, routinely slipped and stumbled on the snow covered rough ground. The relentless zombies gained on them every yard until they were within grabbing distance. The survivors shot at the zombies and dropped a few. Tom softly said, “Shoot the humans before they fall prey to the zombies, no one deserves to endure being eaten alive. We can’t save them.” His two companions stared at him in disbelief before grasping his logic. It was a heart wrenching scene and indicative of the tone of the whole story.
Some of the characters were a bit rough around the edges when introduced but turned out to be good people. Then some others foundered and turned into jerks. I liked this story because it crosses a lot of boundaries. It’s not just a simple horror/apocalypse tale.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Jpatt reviewed on on May 5, 2017

I enjoyed this apocalypse story. It carried the survivors to the realization that life as they'd known it was over, and the lives of them and their heirs would get progressively harder. I could imagine this scenario playing out after an actual worldwide catastrophe like an atomic war that left few survivors. Kudos to the author.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)
Lomar reviewed on on May 2, 2017

A good friend recommended this story highly. He's never steered my wrong and didn't this time either. I like action/adventure and Outnumbered certainly has that. The plot elements leading up to the action were thoughtful, well developed and believable. It felt like I'd developed friendships with several of the key supporting characters and felt a loss any time one of them died.
The zombies were an essential part throughout about the first half of the story but they didn't overpower the human interactions taking place among the survivors. The action was almost nonstop with pauses to catch my breath and try to guess what was coming next.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
VigilantReader1 reviewed on on April 23, 2017

Title – Outnumbered volumes 1-6
Author – Robert Schobernd
Genre – Action/Adventure, Horror
342 Amazon Pages
Rating 5 stars out of 5 Posted 4/23/17

My impressions: betrayal, rogue killers, zombie horror, internal enemies, new take on zombies.

Main Characters:
Tom Jacobs – leader of a group of zombie apocalypse survivors in Iowa
Kira Schafer – widow of Carl Schafer who was killed by zombies.
Paige Schafer – Kira’s daughter.

I found Outnumbered Volumes 1-6 a refreshing look at the zombie apocalypse genre. The relentless zombies are present only to serve as a catalyst to drive the real story of the human survivors. Surviving in the devastated world they’ve been left with would be difficult enough without their own internal betrayals plus treacherous acts of other groups of vicious survivors. The interactions between the main and support characters was realistic.
In this version of the zombie apocalypse even the zombies slowly change over the years. I won’t say how, but their evolvement was totally fresh and unexpected. Each step of these changes presented new challenges to the humans.
Tom Jacobs and his best friend Shane were Army Delta Force snipers. The other support characters have varied backgrounds from a Navy SEAL weapons expert to a veterinarian who serves as their doctor.
Kira Schafer’s deceased special forces husband recognized from the get-go the devastation the zombie onslaught would cause and prepared his family for survival. Against her early upbringing, the will to protect and defend herself and Paige caused her to evolve into a determined kick butt warrior.
There are some gruesome scenes and minor cursing.

The editing and sentence structure are good to excellent, and character development is detailed considering the number of characters who revolve in and out of the scenes.
Details are explicit and research is good, but with the zombies it’s, of course, mostly conjecture.
The plot gives a fresh look at the zombie genre and the accompanying decline of the human race.
The author’s writing style is fast paced with in depth insights into the human behavior under threat of worldwide annihilation.
The action scenes are intense and well choreographed.

I enjoyed the story and highly recommend it for fans of the action adventure and zombie apocalypse genres.

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Vigilant Reader Book Reviews.
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)
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