The Truth About Natural Laws How To Find Joy And Peace

Does it ever seem to you like in some of the more important areas of our lives we pretend there are no rules? Do you find it difficult to capture the Peace and Joy of life? If so, this book is for you. The theme of The Truth About Natural Laws is that life is a lot harder than it has to be and certainly a lot harder than it is intended to be because we disregard the rules, the Natural Laws. More

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About T. C. Maloney

Hello! I am T. C. Maloney. My wife and I live near St. Louis, Missouri. We grew up in the area and went to high school together. We moved back a few years ago to be closer to family. We have previously lived in Chicago, the Norfolk, Virginia area, Gainesville, Florida and Gulf Shores, Alabama. We have children and grand-children in Florida, Chicago and here in St. Louis.
For most of my adult life I have served in the U.S. military, both in the Air Force and the Navy, which partially accounts for the many places we have lived. I ended my working career as an accountant. I am now retired.
The “Truth About Money: How to Find Joy and Peace" was originally published on Smashwords in 2015 and was followed by two more books; “The Truth About Natural Laws: How to Find Joy and Peace” and “The Truth About God: How to Find Joy and Peace.” Together these three make up a series entitled The Truth Trilogy. Currently I am working on the Second Editions for all three books. “The Truth About Money” Second Edition will be published in January 2020 followed by the other two books - it is my intention to have all three Second Editions published in 2020.
Way back in 2005, while taking care of my one year old grandson, I felt the call to write a book on personal finances. It took ten years to get that first book researched, written and published. The next two went much faster and both of them were published by mid-2017.
All three books have a similar theme: we make life much more difficult than necessary because we disregard how life is meant to be lived. Take money, for example: almost everyone would agree that we need to live within our means, yet many of us do not and problems develop, sometimes very serious problems. “The Truth About Money” is the first of The Truth Trilogy precisely because everyone has at least some familiarity with money.
I would greatly appreciate your review of any or all of the books. Please feel free to review the book or get in touch with me at the website and let me know what you think of it.
It is my hope you enjoy the books and I look forward to your feedback and thoughts.
Thank You.
T. C. Maloney

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About the Series: The Truth Trilogy
The Truth Trilogy is three books with a single theme; that life is a lot harder than it has to be because we disregard the rules; the Universal or Natural Laws, that tell us how to behave and how to live with Joy and Peace.

The series starts with "The Truth About Money" where we address the millions of people who are struggling financially or just feel they are missing out on the Peace and Joy of life because of money. This book encourages the reader to use two Key Concepts to make a few simple changes to their personal finances.

Next is "The Truth About Natural Laws" where we ask the question: 'Does it ever seem to you like in some of the most important areas of our lives we pretend there are no rules?' If we disregard the rules that are intended to control our behavior how can we expect to capture the Peace and Joy of life?

The last book in The Truth Trilogy will be "The Truth About God" where we explore the Laws of God and how they are intended to influence our lives here on earth.

It is possible to have Joy and Peace in our lives; we are created to do just that!

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