Knowledge is Power! Are you tired of being a broke, busted, and disgusted Christian? Would you like to know how you could start living the good life, today? Living your life like its golden is not just for some. Tired of being sick, and want to be healed? Do you want to learn how to recognize your gifts and talents and how you too can maximize living to your fullest potential? Then Get Ready! More

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About Candee Vernon

Candee Vernon was born in a small town in rural N.C.
While she talks candidly, about her life in almost every chapter, she reminds all, of how they can overcome any adversity, with the help of God. Candee has a master’s in Human Resources. She is the CEO of Candeez Inspirationz. She is also the author of several children books...all free to read on
Candee has used God’s word, to assist her, in putting the pieces of her life back together, after a horrible life of abuse. She has taught many adults how to sustain and play out the hand that has been dealt, by putting God first. Her greatest love and passion is for children, who are still being victimized, at the hand of an abuser, and Candee vows, to be the one, who listens.
She is collaborating with groups of similar agendas, in their fight to prevent, and to bring about awareness of child abuse. Candee is a beacon of hope and passionate about her work. She is a member of the Elite writing clubs: The Book Look Social, Book Daily, Wordpress, and Good Reads. Join Candee in her fight against child abuse. Together, we can make a difference if we just take the time to show we care. You can learn more about Candee, just click on the links below, and don’t forget to pick your copy of, “Ripped” and Permission To Be A Millionaire both are at or

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