The Marketing Manifefsto

This manifesto is about small business marketing, innovation, life, customers, team development and breaking free from conventional thought to do better,more satisfying, and more rewarding work. More
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About Jeff Gilman

Jeff Gilman is from Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his MBA at Case Western Reserve University. He has consulted in the United States, Pakistan, the West Indies, and Saudi Arabia. His clients and employers have included Peat Marwick/KPMG, The US Agency for International Development, The Social Security Administration, The Saudi Ministry of Post Telephone and Telegraph, Shell Oil, The Barbados Central Bank, and many other business and non-profit organizations.

In the US, he has worked as a consultant for Orion Consulting (now CGI, Inc.), owned two franchises, and consulted for small businesses, hospitals, non-profits and other organizations.

Jeff finds small business and the issues and challenges with it to be endlessly fascinating and loves sharing his discoveries and insights with business people of all walks.

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