Creative Disruption in Medicine & Healthcare

Over the past two decades, issues related to general healthcare, quality of medical services, patient safety, medical practice efficiency, medical treatment effectiveness and the integrity of physicians have been widely discussed. The purpose of this eBook is to create a common understanding of the healthcare practices and approaches for quality improvement. It is expected that this eBook will be More

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About Dr Rowan Molnar

About Dr Rowan Molnar

Dr. Rowan Molnar is recognised as one of Australasia's leading commentators on "Creative Disruption in Medicine and Healthcare".

Rowan loves his vocation. Ask him to comment about his work in anaesthesiology and his face lights up.
A senior specialist anaesthetist with extensive clinical experience in anaesthesia at a tertiary referral hospital level, both in Australia and internationally, he has clinical specialisation in cardiac surgery, orthopaedic surgery, tumour surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dedicated to medical education at all levels, particularly in establishment, deployment and implementation of simulation based teaching. Rowan is lecturer at Harvard Macy's program on "Leading Innovations in Healthcare and Education" in Boston, USA.
In his spare time Rowan enjoys flying the Australian designed Jabiru which has earned him the title – ‘The Flying Doctor’.

- Author -
Accomplished award winning author with comprehensive representation in numerous prestigious medical journals around the world.

- Professional Speaker & Consultant -
“If you want to influence, you must speak up”, says Dr Molnar. An experienced professional speaker that has inspired thousands with his presentations on health and the human condition.

- International Links -
With over 25 years experience worldwide, Dr. Molnar’s reach stretches beyond the boarders of Australasia to the U.S.A including Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and John Hopkins Medical Centre, Baltimore, and University of California.


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