Waking the Prodigal

Preparing for Spiritual Battle doesn't happen overnight - especially when you are unaware that there IS a battle. When JJ & Genovi James married, they believed in the current American gods of money, power, intelligence & beauty. Join them as they get their 'wake up' call from the REAL God - a call that would ultimately save their children's lives - and their own. More
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About Genovi James

I am a fairly predictable person: a woman of steady habits raised in the land of steady habits – New England. If left to myself, I would be found with a good book and a cup of tea. Unfortunately, with four children, I am rarely left to myself. I am, in other words, a predictable person living an unpredictable life. Children will do that to you. One minute you’re sitting there, drinking your tea and reading something like ‘How to organize your life in 10 easy steps’. The next minute you answer the phone and you are living ‘How to keep your life from spinning out of control in 1 frantic step’. It ain’t easy.

But that’s motherhood – yet apparently not ALL motherhood. I have friends (also mothers) who tell me that they are living vicariously through my stories. My stories, and my children, often make for a good laugh. Usually afterward. And always because I believe a good laugh outranks a good cry.

It wasn’t always this way. There was a time in my life when I was a young, liberal, feminist law student; well on my way to solving all the problems of the world. I married a young Naval Aviator and began to travel that world. During the next years, we had 4 children and suddenly all the problems of that world seemed to move into my living room. They had names: Jessica, Colby, Rachel & Sarah.

As time went by, I began to realize that, just perhaps, I wasn’t sure how to solve all the problems of the world; heck, some days I had no idea how to make it to dinner! But I hung in there and slowly, as the Lord used my ‘problems’ to grow my faith in Him, my focus became much clearer. And as my focus grew clearer; I began to realize just how OUT of focus so much of this world is…

Just as a camera lens has difficulty focusing in dark places, so our spiritual lenses are skewed for lack of spiritual light. Our culture is growing darker; and focusing is harder than ever… Unless one walks with the Light of Faith – one stumbles about aimlessly. And unless one reasons with the Light of Faith – one reasons blindly. This book is the story of how I learned to walk, and reason, with that Light. And it all came from having ‘problems’ with 4 children…

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About the Series: The Prodigal Journey
Do you know that you are living in a combat zone?

Neither did Genovi James. But she was; as are you. The Prodigal Journey tells this tale.

It is a series of books that explains how in today’s American culture - one can be raised to ignore bullets whizzing by - until quite a few begin to hit home. Sometimes it takes the casualty of a loved one, before we wake up to the reality that all is actually NOT well, regardless of perfect appearances.

The Prodigal Journey details Genovi’s education into ignorance, the slow and painful wake-up, and the ensuing battle to survive – and to save her children.

If you want to live a life of Truth, Excitement and VICTORY – it might help to learn how to do so via the real life story of a modern day ‘Prodigal’.

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