A Happy Man

Martin Burke married and raised three children during the Depression and ended up secure and successful. He thought everybody gets some luck, but not everybody grabs his chances and takes the risks. He called it luck but he wrestled it from the bastards who wanted him to stay hopeless and powerless and not be their problem. Well, he and his socialist buddies were going to fight them till they won. More
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  • Category: Fiction » Historical » USA
  • Words: 50,810
  • Language: American English
  • ISBN: 9789491030864
About Bryna Hellmann

Born in the US in 1928, I have lived in ‘interesting times’, those years when momentous dislocations occur in people’s lives: the depression in the ’30s, World War 2 and the Shoah, the Vietnam tragedy and the Berlin Wall. Yet nothing life-challenging has happened to me: I was always lucky enough to be on the right side of the Atlantic. In 1959, I visited my German husband’s family and ended up staying in Europe for 53 years. In 1977, I founded a Dutch private high school, and in 1987 I added a Dutch private college. I'm retired, both schools are flourishing, and I've written seven books in 10 years. A Happy Man is dedicated to my father, whose working-class life inspired it, and to Senator Sanders who, like my dad, "will fight them till they win".

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