Deconstructing God

I have no clue as to your relationship with God or if there is even one. If you’re an average millennial it’s safe to assume you are looking at this book with more than a little hesitance. Life has taught us that when things don’t go our way the easiest thing to do is to blame God, throw a fit at heaven, tell him to go to hell and ultimately pretend God doesn’t exist. Right? More

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About Irving Martinez

I grew up in a conservative Christian environment and I always thought to be a follower of Christ was this hard and complicated thing to do. Like there was some much I had to give up and receive so little back, and even what I would receive wasn't that attractive anyways. I mean, who wants a bunch of rules and regulations as a gift? After a very rough patch in my life I decided to go "back to church", but it still felt like an obligation more than anything else, I was just going through the motions. One day I was presented with the concept that anything and everything you might have questions about, you can find answers for in the Bible. If you want to know about sex, politics, relationships, finance, anything you want it's in the Bible. Later I was presented with a relevant and contemporary view of the Bible and for the first time, I found myself connecting with the Bible. The Deconstructing The Bible series is a tool that you can use to see the Bible stories from a relevant and practical point of view. I pray that theses books help you see the Bible for what it really is, God's perfect word spoken to you.

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